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Information Technology Provision

Information Technology Provision 

At Lancing College we recognise that IT is now at the heart of life, both socially and in the workplace. It is important that our pupils’ educational environment mirrors this; where once a teacher would book an occasional lesson in an IT Suite in advance, now the iPad is ubiquitous.

Click HERE for examples of multimedia content, supporting iPad use in Academic Study 

Prior to the roll-out to pupils, our 80+ academic staff were provided with iPads between June and September 2012. Provision for all Third, Fourth and Lower Sixth pupils was brought forward from January 2013, and was completed by December 2012. Since the start of Advent Term 2013, all pupils at Lancing College have been provided with their own iPad.

There are also three class sets of 16 iPads at Lancing Prep Hove and two class sets of 12 iPads at Lancing Prep Worthing, ensuring that pupils who make the transition to the Senior School will already be familiar with their academic use.

Lancing College’s network infrastructure has been enhanced to cope with the extra demands of mobile technology. Since 2007, pupils have been supported in using their own personal devices on site. In 2009, WiFi capability was added to core access areas within the school and by 2012, Lancing had site-wide WiFi access, including at the cricket pavilion (utilised for scoring), in the Chapel, where it can be used for presentations, and at our prep schools in Hove and Worthing.

All pupils have personal email (which starts from Year 7 at our prep schools). Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) has been designed so that curriculum content is available from any internet-enabled device, anywhere. We also utilise Citrix – a virtual desktop environment which provides staff and pupils with access to their files, desktop and College software from anywhere and on virtually any device. Additionally, all classrooms have data projectors, with interactive whiteboards installed in many areas where they aid learning.

The benefits are clear: as is common in everyday life, each room is now an IT-enabled room; every lesson is an IT lesson. Technology is now embedded within the curriculum and in context, rather than discrete. There is a positive impact on personal organisation: timetables and evening school (homework) tasks are updated and uploaded via a VLE-specific app. Communication channels are enhanced: teaching staff can communicate with their students or tutees, instantly.

Of course, the College takes pupils’ online safety very seriously, with its approach rooted within the wider context of outstanding pastoral care. Third Form pupils have no internet access in their bedrooms, although it is available in shared study rooms and common rooms. From the Fourth Form and above, wired or WiFi access is provided in pupils’ bedrooms, although access is ‘closed’ at varying times up to 11.00pm according to year group.

Pupils' access to the internet is separated from the general College internet traffic and is filtered according to year group and time of day, with different filters applying outside of the normal College day. This provides 'home-like' access in the evening, including the use of social networking sites for Fifth Form and upwards. Skype is supported for calling friends and family, as is FaceTime where parents have an Apple device.

Pupils have a weekly (Monday to Friday) fair-use download limit of 4Gb of data. Weekend usage is not capped.
To support pupils’ safe practice in terms of access and use of the internet, the College’s IT Department has developed an E-Safety programme specific to each year group, which is delivered over the course of each year to all pupils, in small group sessions.

Hardware Provision
In addition to a personally configured iPad, pupils also have access to a small IT room in each Day and Boarding House with a small number of fixed PCs appropriate to the size of the house. Pupils have access to PCs and printers in the Library and IT Suites, which are also available in the evenings and at weekends. The College IT Department also provides informal support for pupils' own personal devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc, extending assistance with warranty claims and hardware/software issues.

  • Site-wide wired/WiFi access with 400 Mbps fibre internet
  • Six IT suites on campus, and 20 PCs in the Library with a range of software and internet access
  • A suite of iMacs in the Art/Photography Department (utilising Photoshop)
  • A further suite of iMacs in the Music Department running Sibelius and Logic


  • 550 fixed PCs and iMacs
  • Generally c600 pupils’ own devices concurrently
  • 700 provisioned iPads

In addition to the personally configured iPad issued to each pupil by the College, there are on average three WiFi devices per pupil on site.

Staff Position
Andy Brown Director of IT
Joanna Lee Network Manager
Matt Manser Senior IT Technician
Rian Hendy IT Technician
Charlie Neesam Junior IT Technician
Helen Foster Resources
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