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Design & Technology Blog

So much goes on in D&T every day that we thought we'd share a bit of it with you - both triumphs and tragedies.

We have a fantastic group of students who pour their heart and soul into what they do. It deserves to be shared! In the department we encourage all pupils to pursue their own favoured directions so it is not unusual to have future engineers, architects, furniture makers, interior designers, jewellers and graphic designers all working side by side. Others will pursue careers outside of the creative fields but still love the challenges of designing and making.

For many, this will be a life-long passion.
  • This year in the workshops... (click to expand)

    The following updates are presented in chronological order - keep scrolling to see how each project is progressing... 

    Has Ryan got the measure of his project?
    And here's Grigory again, auditioning for 'the face of D&T 2014'.....shameless.

    Grigory is taking a time out to prepare himself for the cameras...what a poser!
    A late night session in the D&T workshops. Mark made some good progress with his table.
    Matt isn't making a wardrobe - that would be way too dull! This is actually the cockpit for a Typhoon simulator, and here it's standing on end. Matt is amused that he fits inside it. Ejector seat to follow...
    Natasha is thrilled to see her guitar existing in three dimensions for the first time, after months of planning.
    "No you WON'T put me on the D&T blog!" says Charlotte, peeking to see if Mr M has put the camera away yet. Her Pop Art-inspired table is just starting to take shape.
    It might be raining and windy outside but in the workshop it's always sunny. Class time is very busy now with everybody making furious progress.

    Huw demonstrates his concentration face. He's putting together a small storage unit based on the game Tetris, and it's certainly a daunting task. Luckily Huw loves a challenge!

    Natasha is clearly very happy to be robbing parts for her own guitar project...!
    The 3D printer is busy creating a throttle pedal shift for Ben's Upper Sixth project. Once finished this will be used as a pattern for sand casting the part in aluminium.

    Ashley's electric ukulele is taking shape.
    Third Form metalwork: Pupils always LOVE using a blowtorch!

    Stephanos is happy with his metalwork outcome!
    The CNC mill is busy cutting out a tray for Kevin in the Upper Sixth. This is unfolding as one of our more creative projects of the year. Stay tuned!

    "This is BY FAR the biggest workbench leg we've ever seen!" Mr C points out to Grigory.
    9am is too early to listen to noisy machines! Vladimir kicked off first thing this morning was a gorgeous pair of zebrano boards. They'll eventually be a stacked home speaker unit.
    Back to the drawing board? Volodymyr inspects his plans for a sci-fi storage unit.
    Lauren is giving Natasha a hand with the initial glue-up of her electric guitar body.
    Mr C's materials theory lesson: "Sir, not Star Wars AGAIN?!?".
    It's that time of year when we set out our major practical project construction, and materials are pouring into the workshops! Mark is disappearing behind a mountain of plywood.
    Ben worked very, very hard to cut this piece of plate steel with a hacksaw. See the pride in his eyes? It's going to be a brake and pedal assembly for a dune buggy once we do some 3D printing and a little sand casting.
    Ollie is here just for fun; his major project isn't until next year. It hasn't slowed his determination in producing a pretty impressive walnut box with maple inlay. Nice stuff!
    When Flo isn't swimming two billion miles per week she's straight into the workshops. Today she's getting the hang of the hand plane. Her pile of planks will become a garden table of some sizeable scale.
    Mark is, by far, first out of the blocks. His eagle eye judges today's work to be a success. The pile of bits of wood is startling; he says it will. one day, be a coffee table. With his motivation, I have no doubt it will be a success...
    The CAD room is busy today! This is where the ideas pour out and start becoming reality.
    Facing the most unfeasibly enormous pile of wood, Grigory has set out to produce a workbench. He tells us this is only a shelf!.
    Hermione had to go climbing to cut her table legs!
    Emma says, "Don't bother me!". She's building a coffee table that has a motor.
    Is that a penguin in the CAD room? Stepan isn't trying to disguise his way past us; it's charity onesie day. He's not letting that get in the way of some rapid progress on the 3D CAD model of his table.
    It may be raining outside, but in the workshops it’s feeling bright and sunny. Space is at a premium today!
    “There’s my project” says Huw. We can see the Tetris inspiration now.
    Charlie’s TV Stand is coming together with impressive accuracy.
    Natasha admires her guitar as it begins to exist in three dimensions for the first time. She is, quite rightfully, very pleased.

    Ashley is 100% focused on winding the pickup for his Franken-uke ukulele. He has to be, the wire is as thin as a human hair and needs to be wrapped five thousand times!

    Matt arrives to find his flight simulator has added wings and nose-cone.  He’s mildly amused.
    Flo is cutting out her table-top.  It’s looking pretty big to us!

    Hermione has a functional pivot on her chair design, and she’s very happy about that!

    Ben has pride in his eyes as he examines the first (of nine!) castings for his project. Working with molten aluminium is always fun.

    Huw is adding a mini videogame consul to his Tetris shelving, and loving every second of it.

    Year 8 pupils working on their bird boxes. Bright colours are a reoccurring theme this year. That should lead to some cheery birds!

    A modernist-inspired bird-box gets sanded to perfection.
    Flora is having fun today marking out some beautiful Wenge for her storage cabinet project.
    Grigory props himself up against his workbench project, possibly the heaviest workbench in the world! He’s surely exhausted from the efforts needed to lift it onto the assembled low-table projects.

    Every day is noisy now in the machining room. James is cutting some biscuit joints while Ryan sands his enormous shelf-unit project.

    Making that huge garden table seems to be going to Flo’s head. “Um…Flo…why are you wearing a flowerpot on your head?”
    The sun is shining today, perfect weather for Natasha to get a coat or two of paint on her guitar body.
    The 3D printer is making feet for Charlotte’s pop-art inspired table unit.
    Isn’t Eddy way too happy to be mid glue-up? That isn’t usually so much fun, but Eddy takes it all in his stride.
    Nobody puts in more time than Emma, and the quality of her table really shows her efforts.
    This isn’t going well at all, but Jack is holding up well. “Mr M, please put the camera down and come help sort this out before the glue dries!”
    Teamwork! Flora lends Amy a hand with the assembly of her cabinet.
    I don’t think Miss Davies is convinced by Johnny’s story!
    Good news: Oscar’s recliner is coming together quickly now.  He’s looking relieved.
    Kevin poses with his casting for his project, a very elaborate candle-holder.
    Yes, Hermione is indeed dressed like a teddy bear today…
    …and Ashley is dressed as a pirate! It’s charity dress-up day
    Oscar is slightly surprised we’ve given him a nail gun.
    Busy, busy in the workshops!
    Ashley concentrates on striping out the paint for his franken-uke ukulele project. He got it right!
    Is Flo always smiling? She has reason to, her table is nearly finished and it’s coming together very well.
    Natasha is wiring up her guitar. Not far to go now!
    Ryan is putting the finishing touch on his project, literally. Oil and wax, then final assembly. These are good days…
    With a craftsman’s eye Eddy trims fractions of a millimetre off his storage box project.
    Duncan helps Alex with his assembly, which means some crawling on the floor. Soon we’ll all be rewarded with a round of table-tennis on Alex’s table.
    Has Maxim grown fangs?
    Product testing, or a well-deserved rest? Jay-Jay tries out his project’s structural integrity with a little help from Grigory.
    The greatest moment of all…Maxim stands back to admire his project.
    Now that is well sanded plywood. Anatole worked incredibly hard to achieve that shine, and in the setting sun it’s all worth the effort.

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