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The Friends of Lancing Chapel

Charity number: 241403

PHOTOS - Click HERE to view a set of Chapel photos on Flickr, taken from an unusual perspective!

Lancing College Chapel is a nationally important masterpiece of the gothic revival as well as an iconic symbol of our school. It needs and deserves as many friends as possible.

The Friends of Lancing Chapel is a charity completely independent from the school, which has been giving financial support and professional advice to the Chapel for over 60 years.

The constitutional objectives of the Friends are to complete and maintain the Chapel of S Mary and S Nicolas. The Friends built the west wall and rose window, completed the glazing, lighting and furnishing of the Chapel and contributed to the Handford Porch, the South Aisle door and the new Crypt altar. Meanwhile they have also given over £1m to a series of stone conservation contracts over the past 30 years.

Because of its size and exposed position, the Chapel will always need expensive maintenance. There is also a determination to complete the west end to a standard worthy of the rest of the building and this now seems to be a possibility.


Click on the image above to see details of the proposed West Porch and a survey of the achievements of the Friends (PDF, 1.5 MB). Additional Patron: Rear Admiral Sir Robert Woodard KCVO RN OL 


Sir Robert Woodard laying the foundation stone to inaugurate the completion of the Chapel

Apart from visitors’ donations and specific appeals, the Friends have depended entirely upon Members’ covenants and legacies. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of OLs and parents over the years, the Chapel is now in excellent condition and well cared for. Plans are also being drawn up for the proposed west porch, so that building could begin at once if funds became available.

To become a Friend, contact the Hon Secretary at Lancing College, Lancing BN15 0RW or via email at The minimum subscription is £10 per annum.

  • Trustees and Professional Advisers

    His Honour Judge Peter Birts QC (Chairman) 
    R J Tomlinson (Secretary) 
    Mrs P Bulman (Treasurer)
    J F Bell
    C M F Brooker
    V Chapman
    Dr I Gough
    Mrs R Hannam
    The Revd R K Harrison
    The Venerable P Jones
    D A Kemp
    Dr. D A Kerney
    The Revd J Lawson
    Mrs S L Linfield
    D T Oliver
    J O Poole
    Ms C Reeve
    R M Reeve
    B A Simons
    The Rt Revd Lindsay G Urwin OGS
    Mrs I Ward


    Independent Examiner
    M D Pedder FCA
    The Martlet Partnership 
    E1 Yeoman Gate
    West Sussex
    BN13 3QZ



    Barclays Bank plc
    1 Churchill Place
    Canary Wharf
    E14 5HP
    Church of England Central Board of Finance
    80 Cheapside
    EC2V 6DZ



    M Drury R.I.B.A
    St. Ann’s Gate Architects
    The Close
    SP1 2EB



    Quantity Surveyors
    Jeffery Weeks Consulting
    124 Green Lanes
    KT19 9UL



    Structural Engineers
    Andrew Waring Associates
    The Old Brewery House
    Portersbridge Street
    SO51 8DJ



    D M H Stallard Solicitors
    Gainsborough House
    Pegler Way
    West Sussex
    RH11 7FZ


  • Structure, Governance and Management

    The Charity was established in 1946 and was registered with the Charity Commission in 1965 (Number 241403). A written constitution was adopted on behalf of the Members on 23 June 1998.

    The Charity is organised as an independent association of individuals interested in the maintenance and completion of Lancing College Chapel in West Sussex. The members appoint the Executive Committee which has the right to co-opt nominated members for their particular expertise.

    Executive Committee members are elected on an annual basis with the Officers being elected from the membership of the Executive Committee. The Annual General Meeting is held during the Annual Festival at which such elections are made.

    The Trustees have acknowledged and performed their duty to comply with the Charities Act 2011.

  • Objectives and Activities

    The aims of the Charity are the completion and maintenance of the fabric of the Chapel of SS Mary and Nicolas, Lancing College. In addition to being open to the public, the Chapel is the Central Minster of the Woodard Corporation and is used daily by Lancing College.

    Public Benefit
    The Charity makes it possible for the Chapel to be open to the public throughout the year. It arranges guides and tours for visiting parties. It publishes guide books, post cards, pictorial records and publicity literature, and keeps the Chapel in the public eye. It organises an 'Annual Festival' for its members and other events to help raise funds. It maintains a close contact with Lancing College and Woodard Schools and, through its co-opted members, gives advice and initiatives on architectural and aesthetic matters. The Charity cooperates with the Lancing Chapel Trust, a charity with similar objects, which is the owner of the building. There is a joint executive sub-committee representing all those responsible for the Chapel.

    The main objectives set at the start of the year were to continue to maintain the Chapel to the same high standards as those set in previous years, particularly by continuing and completing the major stonework conservation programme which commenced in 2007. There was also a requirement to increase general awareness of the Chapel and its continuous movement towards completion. It was envisaged that this could be achieved by ensuring that the Chapel was made available to the public for the maximum number of days possible, with a view to increasing the sale of guide books and post cards as well as donations received and by producing and publishing a DVD of the history and life of the Chapel.

    It was also a target to widen the membership base, in terms of both geographical location and gender distribution, as well as to maintain the existing membership. The strategy adopted in order to achieve this was to reach out to individuals and businesses and convey the story of the Chapel’s life to date, and the requirement to raise funds in order to complete and maintain the building process.

  • Achievements and Performance

    The Charity was able to complete all planned maintenance on the Chapel within budgeted funds and timescales. This was mainly due to the sufficient levels of unrestricted funds.

    During the year ended 31 March 2013, the conservation contract on the south aisle windows was completed. Levels of interest in the Chapel have increased and patrons of the West Porch completion project have met for consultation. It is planned to start specific fund-raising in 2014. The whole electrical installation of the Chapel is being upgraded and enhanced and new emergency lighting installed.

    The Charity recorded consistent results in both General Donations and Festival Donations. Social factors such as tourism as well as economic factors play an increasingly important role in our incoming resources. The level of income from donations has always been a constant figure, the only deviations occur when material legacies and one off donations are received. Therefore our overall strategy for generating funds will only require minimal adaptation. For the West Porch funding, four Patrons have been appointed who will help with a separate specific appeal.

  • A Unique View of Lancing College Chapel recently contacted Lancing College to ask for permission to film the Chapel with their Octocopter drone and Canon C300, as part of their 2014 showreel. We were delighted to help, and with their kind permission, we're pleased to share the footage here, offering unique and unparalleled views of Lancing College Chapel.

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