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At Lancing we encourage students to enjoy the pursuit of learning and to discover and explore their own intellectual capacities.

We are unashamedly an academic school and an academically selective school. Academic work is important, it is at the core of what we do and our students are taught well by inspirational teachers.

In terms of academic results we add significant value. Over the last decade our average of A* to B grades at A Level is 81%. However, to focus on examination results would be, in many ways, to miss the point of a Lancing education. Indeed to say too much about results might suggest that we are an academic hot house, and that is one thing Lancing certainly is not.

Although we are a selective school, we admit a range of pupils from many different backgrounds and we believe in giving the young people in our care the confidence to believe they can achieve extraordinary things rather than putting them under huge academic pressure and making them fear failure.

Our curriculum is a broad one. The Learning Support co-ordinator works with academic departments to help pupils achieve their full potential, and a member of staff is responsible for ensuring that pupils with particular gifts are given opportunities to develop and extend their academic interests beyond the curriculum.

There is continuous monitoring of pupils’ progress. Classifications for attainment and effort are awarded in each half of term and a full report on each pupil is written at the end of term.

Throughout the school, pupils achieve outstanding success in their learning.
ISI Inspection Report, 2011
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