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Third Form

The Third Form curriculum provides a broad and balanced education which allows all pupils the opportunity to excel. It equips them to make an informed choice of GCSE options at the end of their first year.

Third Form pupils are setted according to their entrance exam performance, and study the following subjects: English; Mathematics; Religious Studies; Physics, Chemistry and Biology; two of French, German, Spanish and EAL; Latin and Classical Civilisation; Geography; History; Music; Art; Design and Technology; and Physical Education.

On arrival, pupils are each allocated a tutor from among their House Tutors. One of the tutor’s main responsibilities is to monitor academic progress, meeting each pupil on a weekly basis. Classifications detailing each pupil’s attainment and effort in each subject are posted to parents once in each half of term.

The Learning Support teacher works with academic departments to help pupils achieve their full potential, and pupils with particular gifts are given many opportunities to develop and extend their interests beyond the curriculum.

My son’s first year at Lancing ... the growth and change in him, socially and academically, has been exceptional.
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