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Sixth Form and Beyond

The Sixth Form at Lancing provides significant opportunities for academic development and enhancement and has a well established record of excellence in terms both of examination results and success in assisting students to gain places at top universities in this country and overseas.

At the centre of the provision is the A Level qualification, which is still recognised with both universities and employers as the standard by which academic potential and ability is judged. Here at Lancing we are proud to cater for a vast range of academic needs and interests and offer a very comprehensive array of subjects, with those already being offered at GCSE joined by a number of subjects specific to the Sixth Form. We are confident that whatever a student’s sphere of interest, we will be able to offer an appropriate combination of A Level subjects that will both stimulate and support any future ambitions.

The core programme of study of four AS Levels in the Lower Sixth, reducing to three for most students in the Upper Sixth, is enriched by a myriad co-curricular study groups, clubs and societies run by individual departments. Students are encouraged to enter essay competitions and Olympiads in Maths and the Sciences and we also believe the AS Extended Project is an ideal way to gain depth of knowledge and to develop research and study skills that will be needed at university.

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