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Please see the separate sub-sections for the following information:

  • A Level Results - the most recent set of A Level results for the College, and related statistics
  • GCSE Results - the most recent set of GCSE results
  • Exam Timetables - for the 2016/17 Academic year. Also contains supplementary information for candidates.
  • External Candidates - we welcome External (Private) Candidates for written papers for GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A Level qualifications. Timetables, Terms and Conditions, and supplementary information for external candidates can be found here.
  • US College Board SAT Tests - information relating to American US College Board SAT tests, for which the College is an international centre.
  • Post Results - information for post results services such as Access to Scripts (ATS) and Enquiries about Results (EAR)/Re-marks.
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