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Field's House

Field’s House is a boarding house of 64 girls that is positioned in the Upper Quad.

A girls' House since 2002, our aim is to provide a ‘home from home’ for the girls who live and work here. We are adjacent to School House and Gibbs' House, close to the Library and Great School in the heart of the College campus, and are lucky enough to have a magnificent south facing position overlooking the sea.

Our motto 'Decrevi' or 'I have decreed' reflects our desire to remain true to our values and our words when faced with challenges in life! Field’s girls have many talents and represent their House in all manner of sports, musical societies, competitions and drama. The Housemistress is Mrs Creer who has been in post since 2009 and who also teaches in the English Department. She is supported by a magnificent team of tutors: Miss Porter who teaches Physics, Mr Tarbet and Miss Allan who both teach Maths, and Mr Perrault who teaches Modern Foreign Languages.

The House has a familial feel with Mrs Jackie Cohen, 'Jackie' to the girls, and mother and grandmother to the Creers, ably supporting all those within. Jackie is assisted by Sandra, Debbie and Denise our team of wonderful cleaning ladies.

The House photograph above has been reproduced by kind permission of Gillman & Soame photographers and can be re-ordered by visiting or telephone 01869 328200 

Field's House: From the Archives...

The Field’s House occupies a southern extension of the west side of the Upper Quad. A mirror image of Gibbs’, it was designed by Maxwell Ayrton and completed in 1912.

The House was named to honour the memory of the Revd Edmund Field. Field was on the staff from 1854 and Chaplain at Lancing from 1863 to 1892. He was a remarkable personality and worked closely with Woodard and Dr Sanderson to establish the religious and pastoral life of the school.

The first Housemaster was the Revd W H Ferguson, a notable musician and composer, who was later Warden of both St Edward’s Oxford and Radley and Precentor of Salisbury Cathedral. He was succeeded by the Revd Adam Fox, who went on to a very distinguished clerical and academic career; the Revd W M Howitt, the Chaplain, and then Patrick ‘Tiger’ Halsey who was a remarkable Housemaster for 32 years. Field’s, like Gibbs’, was designed with accommodation for a bachelor Housemaster in the middle of the House and a flat for a shared matron between the Houses. After Paul Witherington, Dennis Day was the last bachelor Housemaster and a house in the vernacular Sussex style by Wells-Thorpe and partners was built in 1987 for his married successor, David Austin.

In 2002 Field’s was re-constituted as a girls’ boarding house and Mrs Dugdale was the first Housemistress, bringing with her some of the very first intake of Third Form girls from Manor. The pioneering spirit very quickly established a strong tradition of sport, music and drama and some excellent academic results. Among distinguished ‘Agrarians’ are the playwright Sir David Hare, the distinguished Judge Sir Robert Megarry, the musicians Nicholas Kramer, David and Steuart Bedford, concert pianist Dennis Lee and the comedian Alex Horne.

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