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The department aims to provide a rewarding and self revealing exploration of art that should enrich a pupil's life at Lancing, and to give them a high degree of visual literacy that they will carry into their adult life regardless of whether they propose to follow an artistic career.

The Art department at Lancing has a firmly established identity. In November 2008 the department moved into the new Reeve Art School. This building, designed by LCE Architects, had to fulfil a challenging brief, to bring together all the art facilities under one roof and develop the role of art in the school, to replace much loved and atmospheric studios in the Chapel crypt and to create an inspiring building within the historic campus of Lancing, overlooking an area of outstanding natural beauty.

In Fine Art, the department has a commitment to teaching oil painting, academic drawing, printmaking and sculpture. However pupils are encouraged to develop their visual language in wider and more experimental forms appropriate to their intentions and artistic ambitions. The photography course offers both traditional and digital media.

For those that wish to specialise, the department prepares students for entry to Foundation courses in art or for direct entry to the most competitive art degree courses in fine art, graphic design, product design, photography and architecture. 

Third Form (Year 9)

All pupils in their first year at Lancing have one double lesson of Art every week. With the Third Form, the intention is to encourage and maintain concentration and pave the way for discoveries; to practise working with various media and to build up skills in an enjoyable way. Pupils at that stage usually have a fixed idea about whether they are 'good' or 'bad' at Art.

We take into consideration the very varied experience pupils have had at their previous schools. The aim is to level the playing field. Evening School (prep) is not timetabled for the Third Form but is set by staff.

Fourth and Fifth Form - GCSE

The examining board is OCR. Art and Design. At GCSE, pupils follow a two year course in art and design. Course work over the two years counts for 60% of the marks. A final “terminal exam” is a project with the theme set by the examining board. This counts for 40% of the marks.

In both years of GCSE the pupils work on themed projects with one teacher and then move to a different teacher for the next project. This enables each member of staff to work to their strengths and interests and exposes the pupils to a range of approaches to art and the widest selection of media. The Head of Department reviews the projects to make sure that a sufficient range of work has been experienced by each set.

AS & A2 Art and Photography

Two options are offered at A Level:
1) A Fine Art option which offers the opportunity to work in all media including drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking and photography.
Life drawing is available to both AS and A2 pupils.
2) Photography where the principal medium is photography but students have access to other media in the art studios. This option should cover photo-journalism, photography for graphic design and fine art photography.

The A Level board is AQA.

The pupils should have the opportunity to study work at first hand in galleries or collections or through visits from artists and art historians. These visits will usually support the work of the particular project. Pupils may also be required to make independent visits to galleries during the holidays. The department organises one visit abroad each year. It is not compulsory, but if it takes place in the October half term holiday it will support the theme of the exam module for AS or A2.

The studios are open to GCSE and A Level students in all afternoons and some evenings and they may work on their own depending on the equipment they need to use. The teachers may require students wishing to use printmaking or other specialised equipment to attend designated, supervised free time sessions in the studio. Pupils who are not studying for exam courses are welcome to use the studios in free time.


Staff Position
Mrs Kay J Blundell (BA Westminster, BA Chelsea College of Art and Design) Head of Department
Miss Rosy Lawrence (BA Exeter)  
Mrs Karen Lindfield (HND Northbrook College of Art and Design)  
Mr Tim S Auty (BA Norwich School of Art) Head of Photography
Mrs Jacky Pennock Art Department Technician
Creativity is evident in the excellent art work in a variety of media seen around the school.
ISI Inspection Report, 2011
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