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Latin is compulsory in the Third Form. Two sets are comprised of more experienced Latinists and four of relative or complete beginners.

The syllabus, based around the Cambridge Latin Course, includes a significant element of Classical Civilisation and is designed to prepare pupils for either Latin or Classical Civilisation at GCSE. Greek is not taught as a separate option, but Set 1 is introduced to elementary Greek and support is offered to members of other sets who wish to take up or continue the language.

Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation are all taught to GCSE; OCR syllabuses are followed in all three subjects. Candidates in Latin may be divided into two sets according to experience and demand. Greek may be offered inside or outside the curriculum.

Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation are all offered to AS and A2; OCR syllabuses are followed and there is no coursework option. Current Latin set authors are Cicero and Ovid at AS, leading to Sallust and Virgil at A2; Classical Civilisation topics are Homer’s Odyssey and Society and Archaeology: Mycenae and the Classical World at AS, leading to Virgil and the World of the Hero and Art and Architecture in the Greek World at A2. Greek and Latin may be offered outside the curriculum.

Societies and Visits

Opportunities exist for meetings, educational visits and visiting speakers under the aegis of the Classics Department and the Phrontisterion (Classics) and Haverfield Society (Archaeology).

Staff Teaches
Mr Raymond P Mew (MA, BA LitHum Oxford) Head of Classics
Miss Louise J Gaukroger (BA Kent) Classics
Mr Matt JH Smith (BA Durham) Classical Civilisation
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