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All Third Form pupils study Geography.

Alongside the Third Form Geography curriculum, we also introduce the skills necessary for GCSE Geography as well as making use of the school computer network and iPads.

Geography is a popular option in the Fourth and Fifth Forms, found in three of the four option blocks. We currently follow the AQA A GCSE specification. This course has an equal balance of physical topics (Water on the land, Restless Earth and The Living Planet) and human topics (Managing Urban Change, Managing Rural Change and Tourism).

In the Sixth Form, Geography is in two of the option blocks and provides a subject that can combine with a wide range of other A Levels, both sciences and art subjects. For A Level we currently follow the OCR A Geography specification. There is a skills paper based on fieldwork and a global issues paper that involves topics such as Natural Hazards and Globalisation.

The College's location in the South Downs National Park and close to the coast makes local fieldwork easy, and we also visit Worthing and other urban areas in the vicinity. In the Fifth Form there is an annual visit to Morocco, and in the Sixth Form we visit Iceland and Swanage (World Heritage Coastline). In the summer of 2015, we also ran a trip to Nepal.

Staff Position
Mr Chris P Foster (MA Oxford) Head of Department
Mrs Angela W Tritton (BSc London, MA Sussex, FRGS)  
Mr James A Grime (BSc Liverpool)  
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