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Government & Politics

The results of the 2015 General Election (witnessed by many of our students at a 4am breakfast in the café) reinforced the importance of the study of Government and Politics.

The Politics students at Lancing had organised the College General Election which included all pupils from three constituencies, and resulted in an almost complete reversal of the national result. The questions raised by our own event were absolutely pertinent to the Politics A Level and included concern over the lack of democracy inherent within our First Past The Post electoral system, the importance of policy in the campaign, and the mandate of the winning party to approach the Head Master with ideas for change.

Essential to this course is the observation of contemporary political events. Every time a student opens a newspaper they will see their A Level in front of them. Indeed all the exams require the inclusion of contemporary case studies which means that this A Level is a dynamic and relevant choice that is very much an 'academic' option and valued by all top universities.

At AS Level, this course examines the political world within the UK but will draw comparisons from a wide variety of other political systems. The objective is for pupils to develop a knowledge and understanding of patterns of authority and power, and how different pressure groups influence Government policy. On a wider level pupils should develop their capacity for critically analysing the actions of Government.  Students will be able to apply their knowledge to real-time political events and will be encouraged to become politically aware through newspaper (and other media) analysis.

At A2 Level, the students study American Government and Politics, which allows broader comparisons to be made between UK and US political systems. With the election of Barack Obama, our students have had a rich political world to observe which once again reinforces the immediacy and dynamism of the subject. The study of US government and politics in practice is therefore taught against a background of the ways in which government and politics works in theory. Students will develop knowledge and understanding of the constitutional arrangements and principles, the legislature, the executive and judiciary of the federal government, as well as issues concerning representation and participation. All students will study political developments in the US with reference to the political activity of the past ten years and therefore gives the students to relate their knowledge to contemporary events.

The department is very active in creating dynamic learning opportunities outside of the curriculum. In recent years, Lord Tebbit and Lord Luce both gave their views on the Thatcher years, as did Charles Moore, who has written an award winning biography of her life and times. A visit to Parliament was hosted by our local MP, Tim Loughton, and further opportunities are planned for this next academic year. A growing Politics Society hosts evenings as diverse as watching Yes, Minister to political debates and trips.


Staff Position
Mr Dan S Connolly BA Newcastle; Adv Dip Research, Cantab Head of Department
Mr G A Drummond BSc Bath  
Dr E P Keane BA College of the Holy Cross, PhD Cambridge, MA New York  
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