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Our objective is to enable each pupil to succeed in Mathematics through enjoyment and application.

Mathematics is a core subject for all Third, Fourth and Fifth Form pupils and optional for the Sixth Form. It is the most popular subject in the Sixth Form with over 50% of Sixth Form pupils choosing to study Mathematics.

The Mathematics Department is a team of eight highly-qualified Mathematics teachers who provide support to pupils at all levels. Teaching is supported by out of class learning in subject clinics as well as by individual study and practice. Pupils at all levels are given the opportunity to practise techniques they are learning, and receive regular feedback in class and through marked work. Pupils are divided into subject sets, broadly by ability, enabling teachers to concentrate on the techniques and problems most relevant to the ability level.

Third Form 

In the Third Form (Year 9) all pupils will begin the Edexcel IGCSE course. Combined with this will be a number of investigations designed to improve pupils’ problem-solving skills. Particular attention is given to developing a range of computational skills, mentally, on paper and using a calculator, and in developing confidence in using and manipulating algebraic expressions.

Fourth and Fifth Form 

During the Fourth and Fifth Forms (Years 10 and 11) pupils follow the Edexcel IGCSE course, taking the Higher Level papers. Pupils learn to use numerical skills in a purely mathematical way and in real-life situations. In algebra pupils learn to use letters equivalently to numbers and as variables; to understand the distinction between expressions, equations and formulae; to use algebra to set up and solve problems; to demonstrate manipulative skills and construct and use graphs. Studies in geometry require that pupils use properties of angles; understand a range of transformations; work within the metric system; understand ideas of space and shape and use ruler, compasses and protractor appropriately. Statistics comprises basic ideas of statistical averages; the use of a range of statistical techniques and basic ideas of probability. All pupils will be thoroughly prepared for their examinations at the end of the Fifth Form and for any further study of the subject. In particular the top set will also take OCR Additional Mathematics which gives a good start to pupils wishing to study Mathematics in the Sixth Form. In addition pupils will be given the opportunity to enter national mathematical competitions.

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form a range of courses and papers is available in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Mathematics. Qualifications are usually AS Maths, A2 Maths, AS Further Maths or A2 Further Maths. There is an enthusiastic take up of these courses and recent A Level results have been very good, with high numbers of A grades being awarded. Very able pupils may enter for the STEP exams.

Staff Position
Mr John J Bullen (BSc Bristol) Head of Mathematics
Miss Katherine O J Allan (BSc Newcastle)  
Mr N A Brookes (BSc Manchester, MSc Newcastle)  
Mrs Emma Campbell (BA Oxon)  
Miss Jennifer K Champ (PGCE Sussex)  
Mr Jeremy RJ East (BSc Manchester)  
Mrs Helen L Harvey (BA Gloucestershire)  
Mr Peter W Tarbet (BSc Durham)  
Mr Stephen J Ward (MMath Sussex, MASt Cantab, MPhil Cantab)  
Mathematical skills are of a high order; the best mathematicians achieve national distinction and apply their skills successfully in physics and economics.
ISI Inspection Report, 2011
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