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The Farm Project

Lancing College Farm Project is a working farm set on 70 acres of the beautiful South Downs in the Lancing College Estate.

Education is the foremost of the farm's activities, while conservation and animal welfare are at the heart of its foundations. Students who attend the farm get to experience a wide range of activities that are not purely linked to farming.

There is a selection of small animals for those interested in veterinary care and animal husbandry. There are sheep, pigs and poultry that are all managed and produced in line with traditional and current farming practice, including rearing and health care. There is an emphasis on game and conservation management, including a programme dedicated to the re-introduction of the grey partridge. All of this is combined with a wide range of conservation activities, from hedge laying and coppicing to species monitoring and bird ringing. For those students interested in rural activities or animal care the farm is an ideal place to learn with ‘hands on’ activities combined with classroom learning. The syllabus for biology students is especially relevant to the work of the farm, a connection which is supported by the Head of Department.

Under the guidance of the Farm Manager, many local schools visit the Farm on a regular basis, including an ongoing partnership with two schools for children with special educational needs.

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Lancing College Farm - Information Leaflet (PDF, 1.6MB)

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