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The Ladywell Game

Here is a little treat for those of you who were at school in the late 50s…see if you can spot yourself in the crowd or indeed playing in one of the teams!

This is some archive material of the Ladywell Game, invented by the then Head Boy David Smith, Field's 1951-1957. It is a rather interesting mixture of football, rugby, water polo and "other, more unorthodox strategies", which added to the excitement of the occasion. David Smith's team wins and he collects the trophy (an old saucepan) from Mrs Angela Dancy, the then Head Master's wife. Please do let me know if you recognise yourself in any of the footage

Click here to see the film.

We are very grateful to Tom Harris for sending us this photo of a team from May 1960. He says "Happily, while I remember a few of the names, my own included still, on the back of my photo is the list of names, which also states 'Captain of the School's Team, May 1960'."

Back row left to right as you look at the picture - Brian Woodbridge (6), Olly Norris, Brian Newenham (2) – School Captain, Tom Harris (2), Iain Pulley (2).

Front row – Simon Pearce, Robin Bawtree (7), Anthony Connell, Charlie Anson (3).This is definitely a 'before' picture!

"The 'de rigueur' dress code was an essential element given as much thought as the tactics of playing the actual game, of course. Hence the importance of the umbrella, accompanying musical instrument (case only), headgear, skirts and braces! I do not recall this team either winning or losing, but maybe that wasn't the point, but I do believe we held the 'saucepan' for a term or two."

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