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The Prep Schools

Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove

Lancing Prep Hove is an independent Nursery, Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory School for approximately 240 children between the ages of 3 and 13.

The Head Master is a member of the Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools.

Mowden School, as it was originally known, was founded by Mr B A Snell at Mowden Hall, in Essex, in 1896. In 1901, it moved to Lansdowne Place, Hove and in 1913 moved again to its present site. Mr Edward Snell took over from his father in 1937 and, on his death in 1973, his son, Christopher, became Head Master.

In September 2002, the School passed into the care of Lancing College and the current Head Master, Mr Alan Laurent, took over from Mr Snell. Although the house was purpose built for a Preparatory school in 1913 by Christopher Snell’s grandfather, there has been a continuing programme of modernisation and development, with highlights of recent years being a Science laboratory, Art and Design Technology room, ICT rooms and the recent acquisition of a new Nursery.

In addition to two dedicated IT rooms, each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and there is a well-equipped Science laboratory, Art and Technology room and an attractive Library. Spacious sports fields surround the School, which accommodate pitches for all the main games and sports, including an all-weather Astroturf area. Prep school pupils are also fortunate to be able to share the magnificent facilities of Lancing College.

Mowden School became Lancing College Preparatory School in September 2005; From January 2014 it will become Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove.

Lancing College Preparatory School at Worthing

(formerly Broadwater Manor School)

The Manor of Broadwater is mentioned in the Domesday Book, with the oldest part of the building dating back some five hundred years.

Mr MD Neligan and the Reverend EJ Burton founded Broadwater Manor in March 1930. The School opened with only five boys and slowly grew to sixty pupils in the nine years up to 1939. With the onset of war the School was evacuated to the West Country.

Mr and Mrs VP Sams took over the School in 1960. At that time, there were only ninety pupils. A year later the Headmaster became a member of the Independent Association of Preparatory School, which now represents over six hundred Preparatory Schools nationwide.

The Pre-Preparatory Department began in 1968 with girls entering the School for the first time. By 1970 the School had doubled in size to one hundred and eighty. The School’s Golden Jubilee was celebrated in 1980 and in that same year the School saw the completion of the new Gymnasium and an extension to the Science Laboratory was completed.

The Nursery opened in 1981 and improvements to the school were further supplemented in 1984 by a new building containing four classrooms and a purpose-built Computer Room, together with an extension to the School Hall. The Toddler Department started in 1986.

Mr VP Sams retired after twenty seven years as Headmaster along with his wife who was Bursar, and Mr A Moy took over the reins as Headmaster of Broadwater Manor, which had now grown from five pupils in 1930 to just under four hundred.

The Diamond Jubilee of the School was celebrated in 1990. Andrew Moy said farewell in 1991, to be replaced by Mr D Telfer, who after six years moved on to a boarding Prep School and in 1997 Mrs Woodley took over as Headteacher and Broadwater Manor achieved its objective of becoming once again a family run school of boys and girls aged two to thirteen.

The opportunity for Lancing College to acquire Broadwater Manor came after it was approached by Mrs Woodley in 2013. There has always been a strong relationship between the two schools, and following Mrs Woodley’s intention to retire at the end of that year, Lancing College was keen to explore the possibility of acquiring Broadwater Manor to continue and build on its success.

Following Mrs Woodley's retirement in January 2014, the school transitioned to Lancing College Preparatory School at Worthing under the acting-Headship of the Reverend Roger Marsh, formerly the Chaplain of Lancing College. Mr Marsh was succeeded by the school's current Head, Mrs Heather Beeby, in September 2014.


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