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Pupils shine at Worthing Festival of Music and Arts
15th March 2017

Children at Lancing Prep at Worthing performed exceptionally well at this year’s Worthing Music and Arts Festival and came away with impressive top 3 places in many of the Drama and Reading categories. The school believes that the opportunity to speak in public helps pupils to develop an important skill for life and the competition was an exciting and rewarding experience for all the pupils who took part and represented the school so well.

Congratulations go to:

Pippa S

1st place Solo Drama, 1st Solo Verse

Yasmin G

1st place Solo Verse

Charina G

1st place Compose & Perform your Own Poem

George N & James J

1st place Duologue Improvisation

Piper S

1st place Prose Reading

James J

2nd place Prose Reading

Nerea K-M

3rd place Solo Drama

Charina G

3rd place in Prose, 3rd place Solo Verse

Amelia G, Amelie K-M
and Thomas S

3rd place in Prepared Prose Reading

Anna B

3rd place Solo Verse

Emma S

3rd place Solo Drama

Emma S & Nerea K-M

3rd place Duologue Acting

George N

3rd place Solo Verse

Pippa scored the highest overall score for Solo Drama and Solo Verse in the 9-13 age category. She and Nerea went on to perform their Solo Drama and Solo Verses in the Junior Championships.  Charina’s poem, ‘What to Wear’ is shown below:

What to Wear?
In the morning,
I open my wardrobe and think,
What shall I wear today?
I will wear horror, despair, pain,
Black and crimson in a gloomy tunic,
To advise others to stay away.
I will wear Joy, excitement, thrill,
Lemon yellow and gold in a quirky skirt,
To greet anyone I pass.
I will wear sadness, heartache, disappointment,
Inky blue and grey in a pair of boots,
To request a hug from a friend or two.
I will wear outrage, anger, fury,
Fiery ginger and bold orange in a giant fleece,
To challenge the toughest person.