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Pupil Headliners - May/June 2017
10th June 2017

Pupil Headliners - May/June 2017

New Prefects for the 2017/18 Academic Year

Congratulations to the students below who have been appointed Acting Prefects for the new Academic Year 2017/18. They will be officially commissioned into their new role in September:

Demi A; Eunice A; Will B;

Sam B; Gabriel B P; Gabriela B;

Sophie C; Matty D; Harry D;

India F; Alex G; Cerys J;

Michael L; Amelia L-W; Olivia L;

Ayn P; Sacha T-B; Frankie T;

Russell W; Genie W

Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad

We had some excellent results in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad. This is the very top of the three in the National Mathematics Competition and only the top 0.3% of the country are invited to sit the two-hour paper, which consists of long, challenging questions and took place at the end of last term.

Congratulations to Francis H and Pippy H, who both did extremely well to earn a Merit, placing them well in the top half of all entrants.