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Start of Term - Information
22nd July 2017

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer.

We look forward to welcoming you back to school in September and hope that the following information serves as a helpful reminder of start of term dates and times for the various yeargroups.

Start of Term

Returning Fourth Form, Fifth Form and Upper Sixth Form

Boarders should seek to arrive between 18.00 and 20.45 on Monday 4 September and parents should park at the front of the school/drop off belongings adjacent to Houses. Supper will be served in the Dining Hall from 17.55. For those pupils returning from airports earlier in the day, Houses will be open to welcome them and there will be lunch in the Megarry Room from 12.00-13.00.

Day pupils should return by 8.15am on Tuesday 5 September in school uniform.

Upper Sixth Prefects and Housecaptains are asked to return either at 16.30 on Sunday 3 September to help meet and welcome the new Third and Fourth Form pupils (by arrangement with Housemasters/Housemistresses) or by 09.45 on Monday 4 September to assist with the arrival and welcome of the Lower Sixth.

We very much hope that as many parents and families as possible will join us for the Malawi Walk on Saturday 9 September (12 miles across the Downs; registration in Great School from 11.15. Please bring a picnic lunch with you and tea will be served for all walkers in the Dining Hall on your return), and for the whole-school Chapel service on Sunday 10 September at 10.00am.

Third and new Fourth Form    

Sunday 3 September. Third Formers, new Fourth Formers and their parents and guardians should arrive at 17.00 (17.30 in Head’s and Sankey’s) and park at the front of the school. Third and Fourth Form new pupils should be in home clothes. There will be Prefects at Reception to help guide those unfamiliar with the school and to assist with the delivery of luggage to Houses. There is a gathering in Houses followed by a Chapel service and welcome from the Head Master (17.40), followed by meetings in Houses with Housemasters/Housemistresses, Tutors and Matrons. Supper for all pupils, day and boarding, is at 19.00 in the Dining Hall and all parents are welcomed to a buffet and drinks reception in Great School at 19.00. Parents and day pupils depart at 19.45.

The Third and new Fourth Form have two days of induction and introduction to the school on Monday 4 September and Tuesday 5 September. Sports kit is required for Monday and school uniform for Tuesday and day pupils should be in school by 8.15 for registration in Houses.


Lower Sixth Form

Monday 4 September. Lower Sixth and parents/guardians should arrive at 11.00 and park at the front of the school. Belongings can be dropped off adjacent to Houses. Members of the Lower Sixth should be in school uniform. There will be Prefects at Reception to help guide those new to the school. There will be a chance to unpack and a welcome in Houses followed by meeting and welcome with the Head Master in Great School for all Lower Sixth and parents of new Lower Sixth. Parents of new Lower Sixth meet with Housemasters/Housemistresses, Tutors and Matrons in Houses at 12.20 and depart at 12.50 when all the Lower Sixth gather in Houses prior to a formal lunch in the Dining Hall for the year group.

There is a full programme of activities and introduction to the Sixth Form across the day; day pupils will be free to go home from 19.30.