Colin Edward James Dowrick, Sanderson's 1943-1948 (February 2014)

Colin came with his twin, Christopher (and following their brother David), to Lancing in the days of Ludlow. Sanderson’s were in the civilized circumstances of Ashford Court, with its village and our 'borrowed' butler, Mr Bloomfield. The river Teme ran through the garden. We lived 'en famille' with Basil and Betty Handford and their children, and Colin kept chickens. Normality came with our return to Lancing. Colin read sciences, greatly assisted by Dr Barbara Russell-Wells. He resurrected the St Nicolas Press, starting by collecting together all the types which had been mixed and strewn all over the floor. He also sang tenor in the choir and so took part in the Centenary first performance of Britten’s St Nicolas Cantata. As well as singing, Colin played the organ in Chapel, even for the final rehearsal for the St Nicolas. While he always loved his football, and played well, he excelled in and was Captain of cross country running. In those days the Five Mile concluded over and through the dykes, the last of which was deep. Leading the field in a match, he would leap in and crawl across under the water to the consternation of the under schools positioned to assist. He could not swim! After National Service he went to Selwyn College, Cambridge and read Natural Sciences. Upon finishing he taught, first at Epsom then at Dover College, where he became Head of the Science Department. While at Dover he met and married Anne and so began a long and happy marriage. They had two children, Philip and Claire, and five grandchildren. At the time of his death he was much looking forward to the birth of a great-grandchild. In retirement in Somerset he joined his brother Christopher in their enthusiastic running of the West Somerset Railway. He even took up printing again - tickets!