David Smith, Field’s 1951–1957 (March 2015)

David Smith

His Honour David Smith QC (Field's 1951-1957)

After obtaining a scholarship to Lancing College in 1951, David became Captain of School and invented the Ladywell Game which was immortalised by Pathe News and is still viewable now. He went on to Merton College, Oxford where he read Law and became the President of Oxford University Law Society. He was called to the Bar in 1962 and joined Chambers at 3 Pump Court, as a member of Middle Temple, taking Silk in 1982. He was appointed a Circuit Judge sitting in Bristol in 1986 (until 2004) and was the President of Council of Circuit Judges from 2000 to 2004. Away from the law David was also the Official Principal of Archdeaconry of Hackney from 1974 until his death, and with his keen love of beekeeping was the Secretary of the Bee Research Association (later in 1976 to become The International Bee Research Association) from 1963-2004. As a result of his passion he had published John Evelyn's Manuscript on Bees from Elysium Britannicum (1996); Bibliography of British Bee Books 1500-1976 (1979); and Bees and The Law with David Frimstom (1993). He died peacefully at home on 30 March 2015 and will be sadly missed.