The OL Club 2020 Party - DATE TO BE CONFIRMED

18:00 - 22:00
Royal Thames Yacht Club, 60 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LF
Alexandra Nagy, Events Administrator

Date to be confirmed, but we are hoping to host an OL Club 2020 Party at the beautiful Royal Thames Yacht Club, 60 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LF. Proceedings start at 6pm with the AGM, followed by the Party from 6.45pm.  All OLs and their guests are welcome. 


Agenda for the AGM

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. To approve the minutes of the AGM held at The National Liberal Club, London on Thursday 23 May 2019, and matters arising therefrom.
  3. To receive the Chairman’s annual report of The Old Lancing Club.
  4. To receive and approve the Accounts of The Club for the year ending 3 December 2019.
  5. To receive and approve the Proposal to adjust the Organisational and Governance Structure of the Club (as previously circulated).
  6. If Item 5 is approved: request for approval of such amendments to the Old Lancing Club Rules so as to enable the Proposal outlined above.
  7. To elect Officers of The Club; according to the Rules, Officers shall retire at the AGM but may be re-elected to their former or any other office.

The President, Chairman, Treasurer and the Secretary have expressed their willingness to stand again in their current roles.

  1. To ratify the co-option at the Committee meeting of 18 June 2019 of Anthony Phillips as a member of the Committee.
  2. To elect 2 new members of the Committee. The 3-year terms of Philip Bailey, Oscar Elliston and Richard Black have expired, and they stand down according to the Rules.

Nominations for the elected Committee posts together with the names of the proposer and seconder must be received by the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting by post or email.

  1. Any other business.


Timothy Poole

The Secretary, The Old Lancing Club