Georgina Carpenter, Sankey's 2009 - 2014

Georgie Carpenter

I fondly remember visiting Lancing on a school trip and being totally in awe of the school that would, unbeknown to me, be my home for the next five years. Given my background I never in my wildest dreams imagined that such a prestigious school would be accessible to me, yet in September 2010 due to the generosity of the funding scheme, I was welcomed with open-arms into the Lancing community.

Being given the gift of a Lancing education was invaluable for my development, not just academically but also socially, culturally and emotionally. The breadth of opportunity offered at Lancing was second to none, and I found myself excelling in every aspect of school life. Academically the school pushed me to achieve far beyond my expectations, whilst in other areas I became a school prefect, head of the CCF, 1st XI hockey goalkeeper and became fully immersed in the Sankey’s community. This incredible opportunity has shaped me into the confident, outgoing woman I am today and helped direct the path my life will take. The generosity of a Bursary has no doubt changed my life, and for that I’m immensely grateful.

Georgie graduated from the University of Leeds with a 1st class honours degree in Economics & Geography. During her time at university she was awarded a Research Scholarship, published an academic paper and was heavily involved in university life, including playing hockey and running a charity for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. She has since completed a part time Masters in Transport Planning from the Institute for Transport Studies (University of Leeds) and currently works as a Consultant Transport Planner at an engineering firm.