Joshua Anderson-Rose (Teme 2007–2012)

Aims to work in Sub-Saharan Africa to help young refugees
Joshua Anderson-Rose

Which A Levels did you study?

History, Politics and Economics.

If you went to university, where did you go and what did you study? If you didn’t go to university, what did you do instead?

Bath University: Politics and Italian (BA), then Aarhus University: Human Security (MSc)

What are you doing now and what plans do you have for the future?

Now I am doing a PhD in International Development at the University of Edinburgh. On completion of this, I intend to work in a non-governmental organisation in Sub-Saharan Africa in the field of young refugees. 

What influence has Lancing College had on your life?

Lancing taught me to value friendship, push myself and test the boundaries of rules. 

Which hobbies or interests did you pick up during your time at Lancing?

At Lancing I developed hockey, squash and tennis skills as well as a keen interest in climbing trees. 

Are you still in touch with people you met at Lancing?

I am still in touch with many of my housemates from Teme as well as many teammates from sports.

Which OL activities have you taken part in since you left (ie OL sports events, Business Networks etc)?

I have participated a few times in OL squash and hockey as well as many house reunions.  

What advice would you give to a new pupil who is about to start at Lancing?

I would advise a new pupil to work hard and play hard.