Joshua House, Head’s 2014 – 2016

Joshua House

The Bursary for me was never just about charity but being able to participate in a completely unique and enriching experience. A blessing in the form of a cosmic Chapel and a gift in the form of the many friendships I have to this day. It has quite literally been transformative, entering the Sixth Form with a number of science subjects to my name and leaving to undertake a Theology degree. Lancing nurtured me so that I could make the best decisions for my future; I will be forever grateful to all those who made it possible.

Reflecting on my own immersion into the nurturing and academically enriching environment of Lancing, I cannot grant primacy to the lifestyle nor academics. The multifaceted education has afforded me a confidence and maturity which, without the bursary, would have been inaccessible. For this and the firm foundations, friendships and enriching opportunities offered to me, I surely remain thankful and particularly excited for the future of the campaign.

Joshua is currently at the University of Leeds reading Theology and Religious Studies.