Kishore Thiagarajan-Walker (Head's 2010–2015)

Won an award at the Sunday Times National Student Drama Festival
Kishore Thiagarajan-Walker

Which A Levels did you study?

I studied English Literature, Geography and History.

If you went to university, where did you go and what did you study? If you didn’t go to university, what did you do instead?

I went to St Cuthburt’s Society, Durham University where I am currently in my final year studying English Literature.

What are you doing now and what plans do you have for the future?

I have just won a place to study on the 3-year MA Acting programme at the world-renowned Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. This year (2019), over 3000 people applied for just 26 places, so I’m very excited to begin my training there this September. I was also really lucky to win places at two other leading drama schools. I performed at the 2018 Sunday Times National Student Drama Festival and won the Spotlight Most Promising Actor Award for my performance. 

What influence has Lancing College had on your life?

My time at Lancing lit the blue touch paper for my interest in drama and performing arts. As a Drama Scholar, from a very young age at Lancing I was given the chance to take on lead roles in big productions. These undoubtedly fostered a passion for performing and allowed me to develop the foundations of skills which I continue to use today. I certainly would not be where I am without these cherished experiences in the theatre at Lancing.

Are you still in touch with people you met at Lancing?

Very much so ... a few of us are currently studying at Durham together, and I regularly see those who were in my year and in my House.

What advice would you give to a new pupil who is about to start at Lancing?

Throw yourself into everything and anything – even things that you might not be that confident in doing, have a go! Be patient, work hard and never be afraid to ask for help.