Lancing Chapel Completion Campaign

The Friends of Lancing Chapel and the College were delighted to announce the launch on 14 September 2019 of the Chapel Completion Campaign and we are pleased to announce that, thanks to the generosity of all our supporters, we have now completed the fundraising for the new Chapel porch in October 2020. In the past few weeks we have received a large number of generous donations, which has allowed us to reach our target of £350k set just over a year ago. This was the final phase in the £1.2m campaign to complete the Chapel.






Credit: BBC South Today (first broadcast - Evening News 15 October 2019)

Lancing Chapel’s west end story has had a long run. Our architect, Michael Drury, has designed an elegant three-arched porch for the west front to provide an entrance worthy of a Grade 1 listed national monument. 

It has been a difficult year for everyone in the UK and around the world due to the COVID pandemic, but the kindness of our supporters has continued to emerge in the last few months. Although many fundraising events had to be cancelled due to the lockdown and to COVID restrictions, we were very fortunate to be able to continue the appeal, and to see the beginning of the work and the laying of the first stones back in April.

A year on since the start of the completion campaign, many important stages in the construction have already been achieved: reinforced concrete foundations have been laid, a new retaining wall on the north side has been built and, more recently, new pillars and arches have been erected. Through the scaffold it is now possible to see the full scale and magnificence of the new porch.
Much is still to be done in the coming months as the masons continue their outstanding work; at the moment of writing they are preparing to start working on the two new imposing buttresses which will go up to the level of the rose window.

The project is due for completion in Spring 2021 and a dedication will follow later in the year.

Whilst the funds donated to the campaign will be used to conclude the ‘west end story’, the unwavering support of the Friends and donors continues to be essential for the ongoing maintenance of the Chapel; some significant projects remain to be carried out in the coming years. A new membership scheme and objectives will be announced by The Friends of Lancing Chapel in early 2021 to ensure the Chapel can be fully appreciated by old friends, the local community and admiring visitors. 




Computer-generated image of Drury's porch


Neil Holland's impression of Drury's completed design