Advance (Pre-Test) Programme

The Advance (Pre-Test) Programme was introduced as an early entry route for pupils joining Lancing in 2021 and beyond.

The process is designed to let us get to know prospective pupils in the round. We want to gauge their strengths in academic, sporting and other fields and to give them a real chance to shine as individuals. This will allow us to identify those with the greatest potential to excel at Lancing College. Application takes place in the Advent Term of Year 6.

The Advance (Pre-Test) Programme has proved remarkably successful and we have seen and expect to continue to see increased demand for entry via this route. Demand has been such that we now strongly recommend parents use the Advance Programme route to gain a firm place at Lancing College. The number of places remaining open for entry at the Year 7 stage or later will be small and inevitably more competitive than via the Advance Programme route. Parents applying within 18 months of the start of Year 9 risk their child only being offered a place on our waiting list.

Please note: A new brochure for Year 9 entry in 2025 will be available here shortly.