Dining Hall

The Dining Hall was originally built in the 1860s and, with its size and grandeur, was intended for great events only. On the south wall are fine portraits of early Provosts, the Founder and notable benefactors of the College.

Today it is where all pupils eat breakfast, lunch and supper during Term time. Lunch is taken in two sittings, enabling pupils to eat together in friendship and year groups. Waiting pupils maintain an orderly queue in the Lower Quad cloister.

Meals are self-service with a wide variety of hot and cold choices to suit the differing demands of pupils.

Decorated and prepared, the Dining Hall is also a wonderful location for formal event dinners and receptions for OLs, current parents and parents of former pupils. The year group Christmas dinners are also held here, as is the Leavers' Ball, creating a lasting memory for Upper Sixth pupils on their final day at Lancing.

Food at Lancing

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