Information on Distance Learning

Whole school distance learning from 21 April 2020.

After an initial week of work by distance learning for the whole school in the final working week of last term, Lancing has been a hive of staff training and investment in remote learning.

At the end of term, the College was able to accelerate supply to each mainline teacher of a Microsoft Surface Pro originally planned to be provided by the end of the academic year. This provision helps to support the Microsoft Office 365 suite of software. This means that from the start of this term, we will be able to teach in a new way in order to optimise our distance learning provision.

From Tuesday 21 April 2020, while the physical site at Lancing is closed, we will:

  • Revert to standard timetable and class-by-class teaching, allowing as much normality in student learning as possible. Marking and feedback remain as usual.
  • Use Microsoft Teams as the dominant source of teaching with the VLE as an augmentation of Teams, where previously we had used Teams as the back-up to the VLE.
  • During standard teaching times, the class teacher will be available, both to teach whole classes and to answer individual sessions as well as setting tasks for students to work on remotely.
    We will focus active teaching sessions in the morning’s lessons to enable access by all our pupils worldwide.
  • We will use, as a rough rule of thumb, a ratio of 50% live and recorded teacher presentation and interaction during timetabled class time and 50% student-led completion of tasks set by teachers.
  • For those unable to attend a ‘live’ session, we’ll record those sessions so that you don’t miss out.
    If you’ve got follow-up questions, you can post them to the Team and they will be followed up in a timely manner.
  • Communication with staff will be on Teams as before.
  • Pupils are reminded that all communication should be suitably formal, appropriate to the discourse of lessons and to follow the protocols sent at the close of last term.
    Please review the document below to remind yourself of the Responsible User Agreement for Distance Learning.

Microsoft Teams will allow many more ways in which we can enhance learning and in the coming weeks we will be continuing communications about the ways in which we will be using the Teams platform, backed up by the VLE.

As ever, we’re working hard to make sure that Lancing is best equipped for distance learning and seeks new opportunities to help and support all of our students to get the very best from all that the College offers. We aim to ensure that our students are equipped to join us back in the classroom and to move on to the next phases of their education with confidence.


The transition from school to home as a place of learning could be challenging for some as their well-established and natural rhythms, routines and habits are inevitably changed. We understand that this can be a period of uncertainty and perhaps nervousness for pupils and parents.

We have put the guide below together in the hope that it might make for a smooth transition as we move into next term and a continuation of distance learning.