Latest from the Head Master

LAST UPDATED: Tuesday 24 March 11am (emailed on Monday 23 March 8pm)

Dear Parents and Guardians 

I have spent the day in a combination of socially-distanced and remotely enabled discussions with your children’s teachers, including pastoral meetings and a consideration of areas beyond the purely academic. Areas we are developing include: keeping House spirit alive and well; PSHE; careers guidance; spiritual support; exercise, fitness and wellbeing guidance. We’re even working on how co-curricular societies can function online. There will be a rolling sequence of contacts in these areas in the weeks to come.

A Level and GCSE students  
After a meeting of the College’s senior Heads of Department, we are currently developing a means of collecting evidence on which to base an estimated grade for each GCSE and A Level student for each subject they study. We are yet to receive further details from the government about what they require. However, we wish to be as supportive of our students as possible.

We are exploring ways in which we can allow students a way to provide further evidence that would support us in proposing the best possible estimated grade to the examination boards. The boards will finally award these grades. They too have yet to outline the mechanism by which they will do so. The opportunity we are developing will allow us to present students’ current attainment at the point closest to when they would have sat GCSE/ A Level examinations along with the data collected over the time they’ve been studying their GCSE and A Level courses. This will allow us the best body of evidence on which to base the grades we submit to examination boards for their consideration. 

We will be in contact in the coming days to suggest ways in which public examination candidates can provide this evidence. We, as ever, want to give all candidates the best possible chance to do well.

Summer Fees  
We appreciate that many of you have serious concerns at the moment and that these may well include your children's education and matters of finance.  In this light, you should know that the Governors, the Bursar and I are looking as a matter of urgency at what school fees we should be charging for the Summer Term.

I am sure you will understand that in order to keep the school healthy we will need to charge a fee. However, this will clearly need to be at a reduced level. As you know, we are in an unprecedented situation and we will need a week or two to scrutinise the figures so that we are able to offer a sensible and well-considered invoice for next term – one which balances the needs of you as parents, your children (our pupils) and those of the school as it looks to negotiate the time ahead. It is our absolute intention to ensure that when the College re-opens its site we are able to resume normal and full operations from a position of strength and buoyancy, both for the school and the families who sustain it.

All of us across the world are managing uncertainty. At a time of unprecedented international disruption, and where some are in particularly challenging circumstances, each of our pupils is very much in my mind. I send to them - and to you - my warmest best wishes. 

Yours sincerely,

Dominic Oliver