Senior School

The Senior School years are a very important time for young people; often coming from smaller schools, they need to adjust to a new environment while at the same time preparing for the move up to the Sixth Form. This is a time when education, discovery and growing up can be both inspiring, energising and also, at times, challenging.

We aim to work in partnership with parents to ensure that this process is tailored to the needs of individual pupils, to encourage them to perform to their best whether inside or outside the classroom and to support them as they grow up, learning to live and thrive in the Lancing community.

A specially designed programme for new pupils ensures that girls and boys settle into school as fast as possible, and quickly feel at home amongst friends. Whether joining as a day or boarding pupil, this programme is something the whole school gets involved in during the first few weeks of September, bringing together Houses to provide a warm welcome from the whole school.