University, Careers and Futures


Preparing our pupils to be successful global citizens and for their time after Lancing is an important part of our work at the College. The Lancing My Future programme is a vital part of the Sixth Form, complementing academic studies and preparing to leave the College as confident, aspiring and self-aware young people.

UCAS preparation starts in the Lower Sixth, where students are encouraged to invest time and thought into planning for their future after Lancing. Working with tutors and the specialist UCAS team headed by Mr Nat Payne, Head of Higher Education Applications, pupils are encouraged to take advantage of new research tools, talk to staff and attend the open days at their short-listed universities.

Sixth Form pupils also benefit from a new Leaving Lancing Programme which is developed in conjunction with pupils and aims to address those skills that ensure pupils are able to flourish independently. The programme features workshops and advice on personal finance, car maintenance, cooking and making the most of a gap year.

About My Future

Poor initial research can lead to making inappropriate and unsuitable university choices, so investing in this process in the Sixth Form is life informing. Lancing also holds sessions with parents to ensure they are prepared to provide full support to their children when going through the application process. During the last term of the Lower Sixth, the College arranges UCAS presentations and seminars with several universities. Sixth Form pupils are supported in thinking about university choices and potential careers; this involves group sessions and visits to universities.

Once they come back to start their final year in the Upper Sixth Form, the students meet weekly to work on their university applications under the guidance of Mr Payne and his team. This has resulted in a very successful university choice rate for the College. Lancing pupils progress onto a wide variety of university courses that pupils choose, testament to the personalised support they receive to choose a subject which really inspires them.

Across the curriculum, Lancing teachers connect with future careers; this includes a dedicated group of potential biomedical science, medical and veterinary graduates who receive specialist advice from the Biology Department.

Similar advice and links to university exist in chemistry, history, engineering, architecture, creative writing and maths.

Enrichment and Extension

  • The Scholars' programme plays an important role in developing pupils’ thoughts on future options. This is open to all pupils and includes termly Head Master's lectures, expert research lectures and debates, all with the objective of enhancing the love of learning and engaged well-read and questioning thinking that is required in top university success.
  •  A separate Oxbridge Scholars group receives intense preparation, practice interviews and support from Lancing staff.
  • There is a wide range of societies that thrive at Lancing providing the opportunity for all pupils to enjoy and engage in different cultures, ideas and perspectives.
  • Lancing has a valuable and extremely well connected alumni who are spread across a wide variety of industries and throughout the world. This group is increasingly playing a role in supporting Lancing pupils; for example, 
    • Recent leavers come back and talk about their university experiences and different types of courses.
    • More experienced OLs come back to talk about their different careers and entry routes, others offer work experience and support
    • At industry-focused networking events Sixth Form pupils can meet former parents and pupils.
  • Pupils are strongly encouraged to gain work experience during the holidays to help them build workplace skills and to begin understand the world of work and potential careers options. This helps to focus their choice of university course and adds a positive element to their UCAS personal statements. Although pupils are responsible for making their own arrangements, the school is usually able to help them find appropriate placements. The Young Enterprise Scheme gives pupils insight into commercial practices. Pupils who have plans for adventurous or challenging travel may apply for a travel bursary.         



Pupils access careers advice in line with nationally agreed standards through various forums including former pupils, online testing, individual support and a careers fair. 

ISI Report, October 2023