Why is Lancing promoting Lancing Foundationers?

Lancing has a long history of providing bursaries to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who would not otherwise have a chance to receive the kind of education and opportunity that Lancing offers. In independent research carried out with OLs and parents in 2021, transformative bursaries remain as the priority for support.  The success of phase one of the campaign has demonstrated the strong desire to ensure that the benefits of a Lancing education are made more widely available. 

Where will the young people come from?

We are working primarily in collaboration with our partners - the Royal National SpringBoard Children's Foundation, East Side Young Leaders' Academy and Trinity School Lewisham. We are developing relationships with selected local schools, feeder prep schools who have similar bursary programmes and, of course, our own Lancing Prep Schools. 

What sort of young people are selected for the Foundationers programme?

Students need to show the potential to access Lancing’s high academic standards via carefully selected verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests. However, we are far more interested in individual potential and the motivation of the candidate to seize the opportunity that these awards afford. We are not seeking just the brightest or most talented, but those who stand out as being able to gain most from, and contribute the most to, a Lancing education. Some will come from challenging family backgrounds, others from failing schools, and may live in areas where life chances are limited. There is absolutely no question of these students being able to afford a Lancing education without our help.   

How many and what type of bursaries will be offered?

110% bursaries will be available for day or boarding places and for Third and Sixth Form entry. Our aim is to have 40 Foundationers funded in phase two. The amount includes funds for essential items such as school uniform and for curriculum-relevant trips and visits. 

Is the College contributing financially to the campaign?

The College has made a long-term commitment to this programme and is supporting the programme financially and in the allocation of resources. The College matches every pound of the target raised by the Foundation by 33% (For every 67p spent in funding Foundationers, the College will contribute 33p.) 

Will wider Lancing scholarships be affected by bursaries for Foundationers?

No. Scholarships and awards work alongside bursaries and have an entirely separate and source of funding from within the College’s finance. Each year Lancing continues to make some thirty awards for excellence in the Academic, Music, Drama, Sport, Fine Art and all-rounder spheres. If Award Holders/Scholars need assistance with fees they can apply for a means-tested bursary. These funds come from within the College’s normal funds. 

How do we know that donations will not simply be used by Lancing for its own purposes?

We have set up a separate bank account for all the funds raised for Foundationers. This money is ring-fenced and the accounting will be separate, transparent and reported in our annual accounts. 

Will it be common knowledge as to who is a Foundationer?

Feedback suggests that it is best to allow the individual to decide when and if they wish to let it be known. The aim is to increase the awareness of the Foundationers with larger numbers throughout the school and thereby make everyone feel involved and proud to be part of the scheme. Alongside this, we have a bursary ambassador group with previous recipients who are mentors to current recipients and come along to fundraising events to speak to donors. 

How will students from challenging backgrounds cope with life at Lancing?

We will support our Foundationers and their families with dedicated and extensive pastoral care, to assist them to settle into school, and make the most of their time at Lancing and at home. Our Head of  Foundationers will put special programmes in place to help with the transition to Lancing and beyond. 

Is there a tax efficient way to make my donation?  

Absolutely. UK taxpayers are able to increase the value of their donation (at no cost to themselves) by completing a Gift Aid Declaration Form and return it to the Foundation Office. This enables the College to reclaim the difference between the basic and the higher rate of tax paid on donation. For US residents, please make your gift through the BSUF form.

What if parents want to opt out of a termly donation?  

There will be a clear opt-out for parents who do not wish to pay the fee levy. Whilst it is hoped that you will be able to contribute to the Fund, please feel free to write or email the Finance Office if you wish to opt out.

I would like to supplement my annual giving with a one-off donation. What should I do? 

All gifts to the programme, large or small, are really appreciated. Please contact the Foundation Office to find out more foundation@lancing.org.uk