Eton Fives


OL Fives has had a season of mixed success so far on both a team and individual basis.

There has been a strong team performance in the Barber Cup with the OLs reaching the semi-finals, where they lost 2-1 to the Old Salopians.

In December, individually OLs have reached the semi-finals of the London Tournament, and the Ladies semi-final, which is due to be played on 25th March.

The league has struggled at times with both us and our opponents being unable to field full teams on several occasions but we have still managed to gather some new faces along the way.

If you have any interest in getting back into playing Fives there is a Tuesday Night club at Lancing run by Matthew Beard or for those OLs who are London based the league, any ability welcome, is run by Ashley Lumbard ( and she is also able to put you in touch with regular London social Fives.



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