Lancing Fives

It has been a busy few days for Fives at Lancing with a tremendous amount of the sport being played at the College.

The first event was a ‘Howard Wiseman’ inspired induction day for new pupils, with 26 students enjoying a full day of instruction and playing. Howard's way simplifies the game so that complete beginners can have a go and get a good idea of what the sport is all about. Hopefully we will have inspired a good number to take up the game - certainly many had the skills to make good players.

On the following weekend the Annual Lancing Fives weekend attracted a total of 32 players - a record! Players from as far as Birmingham, Ipswich and Jersey attended and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. The Fives was a mixture of social and competitive, with the Lionhearts, marshalled expertly by Richard Black (Second’s 1961-1966) having a parallel tournament.

The main competition for the Ladywell trophy, administered by Gareth Hoskins (Eton Fives, Secretary) and Ashley Lumbard (Manor, 2002-2007), enabled players to experience a variety of match situations.

Tournament results


Winners Mike Wood (Second’s 1971-1976) and David Cooper (Teme 1970-1975)

Runners up Tim Monckton (Sanderson’s 1967-1971) and Nick Jones (Teme 1961-1966)

Ladywell Trophy

Winners Matt Davis (School 2011-2016) and Matthew Beard (Sanderson’s 1976-1980)

Runners up - Henry Steele (Head’s 2012-2017) and Tim Gregory

A splendid Gala Dinner was held at The Ardington Hotel Worthing, with honoured guests Chris Davies, Chairman of the EFA and Martin Todd, Chairman of the OL Club.

The weekend was what Fives is all about, a welcoming environment, with some decent Fives played by a variety of ages. It was particularly heartening to see some excellent matches being played by the younger contingent, including Nicholas Proctor, along with Natasha and Charlotte Gregory.

Thanks must go to the College for allowing the event to take place, to The OL club for generous financial support and the team of Beard, Cooper and Black who did the logistics.

There are two thriving OL Eton Fives Clubs, one based in London and the other based in Sussex which plays regularly on Tuesday evenings at the College. We need more players for both clubs - beginners are welcome.


London - Ashley Lumbard email 

Lancing Tuesday Evenings- Matthew Beard email


Lancing Fives


Lancing Fives


Lancing Fives


Lancing Fives