The Investigators Room cares for children aged 2 to 3 years. Some new children may join us at this stage whereas those who have been in our Explorers Room move up when they are ready for the next step at nursery. We continue to use EyLog to record children's progress which parents may access via an app. 

We offer a flexible routine which is reviewed on an ongoing basis so that it can be adapted to respond to the children's changing needs or when they start to show interest in activities other beyond those currently available to them. The children choose what they would like to play with and select the toys and equipment themselves. There is free-flow access to the children's outdoor play space and they spend plenty of time outdoors in our large, well-equipped nursery garden as well as occasionally going a little further afield on the Lancing College estate for woodland walks. 

We create planned activities based upon the children’s interests which support their areas of their development. During group times the children are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities to promote social and emotional aspects of learning. Quiet time with afternoon naps on comfortable sleep mats takes place after their lunchtime meal. Outdoor play or group activities enable children to develop skills of co-operation when working and playing with their peers. All learning activities are play-based but challenging and tailored to the individual needs of the children. They experience these in a safe and stimulating environment and our activities are designed to follow current Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines.

Our main transition to our Pre-School Room takes place in September of each year with some small adjustments during the course of the year. Children will only be offered a transition when their developmental progress indicates they are ready to move up and where there is availability in Pre-School. We work on the basis that most children will spend at least three terms in Pre-School. This is taken into account when planning admissions, so that space is available for their final year at Little Lancing. Transition will be discussed and agreed with the parents before beginning the move.