Little Lancing: Advice for Enquirers and Current Parents during COVID-19

Update for Parents enquiring about places at Little Lancing

At the current time, we have Covid-secure measures in place. This means that we are offering a limited number of visits, with priority for those parents seeking start dates in 2022. It is not possible for us to arrange drop-in events for large numbers of families to visit us. For enquirers who wish to visit, we will make contact as soon as we are able to arrange an appointment. 

We have produced in-house a virtual tour of Little Lancing that we hope will give parents an initial view of our rooms and outdoor space but this does not include any children or show any activities taking place.

The video may be viewed here Virtual Tour

If making an initial enquiry, please use our online enquiry form

For those who have enrolled and are due to start at nursery, settling in sessions take place outdoors in our garden whenever possible or if indoors, socially distanced from others, eg in The Nest for children joining Explorers. They will be held with the key person who will be looking after the child. We abide by the latest guidance from the DfE with regard to whether parents are permitted to accompany their children for settling in sessions.

The Nursery is open to all children

Little Lancing has been open for all children since June 2021. This necessarily involved the implementation of additional safety measures at the nursery to minimise the risk of infection. We have updated our risk assessments to incorporate some further safety measures and continue to operate within the guidelines of PHE and WSCC. The risk assessments are available for current parents who wish to review them.

They can be summarised as:

Before arrival at Nursery: 

We request that parents take their child’s temperature at home prior to arriving at nursery. It is not a requirement that the nursery does this on arrival. Any child displaying a high temperature or any other Covid-19 symptoms should not attend nursery and should be tested. 

On arrival at Nursery:

  • One adult per family should drop off and collect the child.
  • Parents, or those picking up or dropping off on behalf of the parents, are requested to wear masks or face coverings whilst on our site, including in the car park, to observe the social distancing measures put in place on the ground and to use the one-way system down the ramp to access Little Lancing and up the steps back to the car park when leaving at drop off and collection times.
  • Little Lancing staff will welcome each child at the main door/reception area.
  • Our staff will take each child to wash their hands on arrival and then ensure they wash them regularly throughout the day.
  • Wherever possible, we would respectfully ask that all children wear fresh clothes daily.
  • Bags will now be kept on pegs and sent home each day to be replenished. They should contain essential items only for example, spare clothing and comforter/dummy if needed.
  • If a comfort item, dummy or milk bottle has been provided by parents for their child, we would ask that a spare of this item, if available, is left at nursery. Any such items will be washed and sterilised by us daily.
  • Parents are requested not to allow their child to bring general toys from home.
  • Parents to provide water bottles from home to be kept at nursery. Bringing bottles in daily will not be allowed. Children will be given water regularly throughout the day.

Sun Protection:

  • Parents are asked to ensure they have given permission for nursery sun cream to be applied to their child throughout the day.
  • Parents of children with sensitive skin or allergies should provide a named bottle of sun cream to be left at nursery.
  • Parents are asked to ensure that their child brings a sun hat to be kept at nursery.

Whilst at Nursery:

  • It is no longer a requirement that children are kept in small groups. Children are therefore in groups according to their age and stage of development. 
  • We will be accessing our outdoor space and operating free flow to the garden as much as possible.
  • Cleaning will continue throughout the day with high use areas being sanitised regularly.
  • Toys and equipment will be cleaned regularly.
  • We will continue to wash hands thoroughly throughout the day, especially at key times of arriving at nursery, before and after meals, after outdoor play and toileting.
  • Children will continue to be encouraged to practise good hygiene and infection control procedures.
  • We will advise parents if anyone (adult or child) develops symptoms of coronavirus during the day and follow appropriate guidance for isolation. Parents will be updated on the outcome of testing for coronavirus.
  • We have suspended our use of washable nappies at nursery for the time being as part of our mitigation measures against infection. Parents are requested to send in disposable nappies for their child. We will reinstate the use of washable nappies as soon as we are able to do so safely.


  • Our full catering service is in operation.


  • We will be strictly limiting external visitors and any members of Lancing College staff (eg grounds or maintenance staff) making essential visits to the nursery will abide by our hygiene regulations. No visitors will come into contact with staff or children in rooms.

Our Pandemic/Covid-19 Risk Assessment is updated regularly when the guidance changes. You will find it here