We're excited about introducing baby slings!

We are very excited to introduce the use of baby slings to the Explorers Room! The benefits of using slings for young babies are increasingly being talked about. They are promoted by Dr Rosie Knowles, a GP who has won awards for her work in this field and whose book Why Babywearing Matters explains her philosophy. There is more information on her website https://www.carryingmatters.co.uk/

At Little Lancing we have undertaken training for three Explorer Room key person staff so that we can incorporate this as part of the care offered to our youngest children. We have three babies whose parents have already signed up for carrying in baby slings and we can’t wait to start using them!

We are delighted to be the first local nursery to sign up for this training with ‘Mother Rucker’, a Worthing-based business. We are keen to support local business where we can and have sourced our slings from their wonderful range. They also offer training for parents who might be interested in trying this for themselves at home and hire or buy options, so interested parents can try one out first before committing to purchasing one. There is more information on their website here