Mr Andrew Chappell

BSc Durham
Housemaster - Head's House,
Teacher (Chemistry, Biology)
Mr Chappell

After studying Cell Biology at Durham and then training to teach, Andrew started his career at Brentwood School where he ended up as a resident Assistant Housemaster. He arrived at Lancing in 2003 to run Sankey’s when it was a boys’ boarding House, before being appointed Housemaster of Head’s in 2008. His interests include almost anything connected with life science, walking in the Lake District and playing tennis (without a great deal of success, admittedly).

In his spare time he coaches U14 cricket and runs the Linnean Society, which prepares Sixth Form Biology students for applications to the elite universities. He lives in Head’s with his wife Jessica (who works in a local school and makes famously good brownies) and their children.