Nana Oduro-Nyaning (Gibbs' 2018-2023)

Nana Oduro-Nyaning

Though he was a Head of School and part of the best 1st X1 football seasons in recent memory, Nana's crowning achievement was winning the Morehead-Cain Scholarship at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, majoring political science and global studies. During his speech on Lancing's Founder’s Day, he spoke about his huge appreciation for the contribution that his friends, family and teachers have made to his success.

Lancing has influenced Nana’s life in terms of helping him to discover his potential, pushing that potential as far as possible and turning it into a real, tangible, and meaningful story. He found a nurturing environment at the College where he was able to thrive and develop his diverse interests. It has played a priceless part in the development of his journey to discover his true purpose - making a difference in the world.