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Winners of Bancroft Competition direct their plays
At Lancing the Drama Department always welcomes and encourages involvement from all pupils, not just from those aspiring to be performing on stage, but also from those interested in the 'behind the scenes', as well...
My Fair Lady
The cast of My Fair Lady is to be revered for a masterful performance showcasing the highest levels of acting, singing and dance. Not only was their team spirit as a company so evident, but...
Fourth Form Drama Club: East End Tales
This term 20 Fourth Formers from the College's Drama Club were involved in the ensemble production 'East End Tales'. The play, written by Fin Kennedy and commissioned for young people by London's National Theatre, is...
Founder's Day Play: 'Into the Woods'
The Founder’s Day play – or rather musical this year – was Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods JR, aptly set in the College’s Open Air Theatre. It is a collection of various fairy tales such...
Drama News - Fourth Formers on Tour
At the end of the Summer Term, a group of Fourth Formers took the play Goodnight Mister Tom to several local schools. Cast member Seb O reports: 'It has been fantastic to be involved in...
Legally Blonde The Musical
A strong cast of over 40 pupils took the very popular Legally Blonde The Musical to the stage of the Lancing College Theatre. We followed Elle Woods (Ella H) in her journey to go beyond...
Lancing - at the heart of the South East Region Arts Scene
Lancing College is highly regarded for its emphasis on Performing Arts. Offering diverse and eclectic programmes in Music, Drama and Dance, we aim to attract those pupils who arrive at Lancing with plenty of experience...
Donald Bancroft One Act Plays
Well done to Fifth Former Tara B who was the winner of this year's Donald Bancroft One Act Plays competition. Tara wrote and directed the play All About Kira, while Lower Sixth Avery K's Face...
Drama Review: The Hothouse
As a Drama A Level student, the study of theatre has always fascinated me. The ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ is a concept of theatre that we’re currently studying, and one man in particular who pioneered...