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House Debating Competition 2019
This year’s House Debating Competition was a hard-fought one. Motions such as This House believes that every country should have the right to possess nuclear weapons and This House would allow prisoners to choose death...
Saints’ House... One Year on
The first year of Saints’ House has been a fantastic experience for all of us. The unique aspect of Saints’ is not that we are comprised of boys and girls; it is instead the closeness...
Anti-Bullying Week 2018
This year’s Anti-Bullying Week was celebrated in November. The 18 newly-trained Peer Supporters from the Lower Sixth joined with those in the Upper Sixth to steer and manage a school-wide focus on this week centring...
The College celebrates Lancing Women
Lancing’s passion for history permeates throughout the school; our pupils study it both formally through the curriculum and informally through learning about how the College has developed and evolved over the decades. This year we...
Christmas celebrations at Lancing
The Advent Term ended with pupils and staff alike getting into the festive spirit. Christmas trees and cheerful decorations went up in the Houses; girls and boys busily trained for the traditional House Hockey and...
Charitable initiatives during the festive season
Thus far, over the course of the Advent Term pupils have organised and participated in a range of outreach events, including the ‘Malawi Walk’, a cake sale for the Virtual Doctors and completing the autumn...
'All Different: All Equal', Anti-Bullying Week at Lancing
During the week commencing 13 November, students and staff at the College got involved in Anti-Bullying Week. This is an annual co-ordinated campaign; this year’s message was ‘All Different: All Equal’. Anti-Bullying week is one...
House Debating Competition gets to the Final stage
The 2017 House Debating Competition proved very controversial this year with the judges’ decisions being debated as fiercely as the motions. Clearly the quality of debate at Lancing remains very strong, leading to some difficult...