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Gibbs’ House support for Virtual Doctors
As part of this year’s Charities Term, Gibbs’ House supported The Virtual Doctors, a Shoreham-based charity providing support for local doctors and hospitals in Zambia. They provide mobile phones with a custom-made app used by...
Charitable initiatives during the festive season
Thus far, over the course of the Advent Term pupils have organised and participated in a range of outreach events, including the ‘Malawi Walk’, a cake sale for the Virtual Doctors and completing the autumn...
Five Lancing students celebrate NCS graduation
On the evening of 22 November, five pupils from Lancing College joined 13 others from the Worthing and Adur region to celebrate completing the autumn National Citizen Service (NCS) programme. The students spent their Advent...
Lancing bakes for the Virtual Doctors
On Friday 13 October, Lancing College held a bake sale in Sankey’s House to raise money for the Virtual Doctors. The charity uses telemedicine to provide life-saving healthcare to remote, poverty-stricken areas. At present, the...
Lancing College walks for Malawi
On the first weekend of the Advent Term, pupils and staff from the College took part in the annual 12-mile ‘Malawi Walk’, which aims to raise money for several charity projects in Malawi. Matt Smith,...
Lancing College hosts Virtual Doctors networking event
On Wednesday 20 September, trustees and supporters of the Virtual Doctors were joined by an array of guests at Lancing College to discuss the charity’s use of telemedicine in rural, poverty-stricken areas in Africa. During...
Outreach Strawberry Tea
There was a feel of ‘tea at the Ritz’ this year at our annual Strawberry Tea. Our guests were served by members of the Lower Sixth; the food beautifully laid out and the background of...
Charities Term 2017
End of March 2017 and we draw a close to the Lent Term; we’ve just broken the £10,000 barrier and are hoping that there’s a bit more still to come in. A term where Houses...
Lancing Supports the Arts
As well as encouraging our pupils in the performing arts, we have always been keen to support artistic initiatives in the South East. The College is continuing its sponsorship of The Charleston Festival and Chichester...