1988 Leavers' 30 Year Reunion - 16 November 2018

Thirty years on, with the Grubber, the Sixth Form Centre and covert trips to the ‘Amphi’ and The Amsterdam but a distant memory, an over-excited and slightly nervous gaggle of 1988 leavers descended on a salubrious London boozer for a long-overdue catch-up. After much online stalking courtesy of the World Wide Web, we managed a very respectable turnout of 52 (including one - Venetia Mayhew - who flew all the way from the west coast of USA to join).  Our very special guests covered all school houses and we even had the pleasure of being joined by one of our teachers - the very lovely Adrian Arnold.  After the initial shock of realising we had all actually aged, we all hurriedly told each other we hadn’t and quickly tucked into a few beers and the odd glass of Prosecco (thank you to The OL Club).  I would describe the evening as loud. Very funny. And very loud. Conversation was energetic and easy. It was nostalgic. In a good way. Old friendships easily rekindled. The sound of raucous laughter from all corners of the room continued well into the night filling the air with warmth. While everyone’s lives have taken very different courses, catching up 30 years later, it really was like time had stood still. All still strongly connected by our precious and very special formative years at Lancing. Many left promising to renew old friendships that I have no doubt will now last the test of time. And without exception, everyone hoping it’s not 30 years till the next get together, particularly as needing a stair lift will reduce our venue choices...

Thanks so so much to everyone who came. Huge effort by lots of people who travelled from far and wide. Anyone else from 1988 who would like to know about future rendez-vous, please do get in touch via the Foundation Office – foundation@lancing.org.uk. Tam Sandeman and Sarah Wickens 

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