AlTurnertive Prize 2019

The AlTurnertive Prize is Lancing College's response to the Turner Prize.

Since its set up in 1984, the Turner Prize has become one of the world's best-known visual arts prizes. Each year, four artists are shortlisted, and the prize awarded for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation in the preceding year.

The Art School's annual AlTurnertive Prize showcases the talents of its community as the Turner Prize does for British art. This year our community has grown to include not only entries from the students and staff of Lancing College, Lancing Prep Hove and Lancing Prep Worthing, but also – for the first time in 2019 – we have some inspiring entries from our close neighbours, the Sir Robert Woodard Academy.

Thank you to all that came to see the work at Friday’s AlTurnertive Prize Private view. The evening was a great success and a fantastic celebration of all the hard work the entrants had put into their artworks.

Our thanks to this years judges Kieran Scanlon (Principal, SRWA) and our own Deputy Head (Academic), Dr John Herbert.

If you weren’t able to come Friday, don’t worry, as the work will be on display in reception until the end of this term. Please don’t forget whilst you are there to vote for your favourite in the People’s Choice Award the winner of which will be announced during the last week of term. Voting slips can be found on the Reception desk.

Huge congratulations go to the 2019 category winners.

Prep School Student
WINNER: Isabelle K 
with Spot the Beautiful Earth, a piece of work inspired by a train journey to London on a grey rainy Friday. Initially she thought about representing the saddening state that our environment is in at the moment, but after much consideration that day she decided instead to show just how beautiful our planet is, bringing colour to any grey day.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Nerea K-M’s The True Inside; Harrison D’s King Harrison VIII; Albert L’s Money Can’t Buy Me Love; Oliver M’s City in the Moonlight; and Lilian W G’s Bald Eagle.

Lancing College Student 14-16
 with Sans nom, sans nom, a piece that represents a girl standing in a mellow, coloured rain cloud, with no particular expression, and silver raindrops and colours that give a sense of the ethereality.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Molly T’s Plumatsch.

Lancing College Student 16-18
WINNER: Kinna W 
with Man on the Train, a drawing of a man sitting on the London Victoria to Bognor Regis train. Through this piece she aimed to capture his still and thoughtful mood. She drew very lightly so the viewer was given a suggestion of the portrait as a whole, in particular the detail in his face.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Henry L’s Building in Watercolour; Emily E’s Paul; and Shion I’s Christmas Tree.

Lancing College Art Scholar
 with A Brighter Future, a piece inspired by climate change issues and concerns, and the irony of the situation at hand when we could use clean resources and create a utopian future but we are burning the world like a candle on fire. Freya’s visual representation of how we are burning our limited resources and time is running out whilst the planet is heating up is emphasised by the newspaper that represents the world’s countries and reflects our awareness of the issues but also our unwillingness to do anything to prevent it.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Stephanie G’s M. Butterfly; Ava S’s Sunflower Field; Katherine E’s Skye at Night; and Oscar L’s Sha Sha Sha.

Sir Robert Woodard Academy Student
with Duc Ba Church, Saigon-Vietnam, an illustrative representation of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the largest Roman Catholic Church in Vietnam. This Church is particularly special to Anh as it is located in the city where he used to live.  He is Catholic so would often go there to pray with his Mother. This place has many important memories for him especially as he has been away from Vietnam for more than two years and he really misses it.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Keyan D’s Spaced Out; Lauren H’s Cherry Blossom Evening; Maddison H’s RAWR!; Ellis N’s Star Wars Helmet; and Cydnie G’s Girl.

WINNER: Elizabeth Ann Way 
with Hot Sunny Day in Capri a view of Marina Piccola looking out of a window towards the sea and the mountains from the top floor of a restaurant. The yellow buses take you into the main towns and various local attractions.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Becky Grimwwade’s To save the giraffe we may need to stick our necks out; Becky Webber’s My Lab Coat; Dana Taylor’s Electric Dreams; Mark Palmer’s Scenes from the Tessin (Ticino), Homage to Hermann Hesse; and Neil Ruff’s The Doctor Will See You Now.