Annual Medics Dinner

The medics' group is formed by Sixth Form students, all passionate about medicine. The majority hope to apply for a degree in medicine or medicine-related subjects, including veterinary.

The annual Medics’ Dinner is a special occasion for the students to meet medical experts and gain a better understanding of what it’s like to work in this field. Organised by Mrs Webber, the event gives our students the opportunity to interact with qualified medical professionals and student doctors from a huge array of disciplines.

This year the event was attended by 19 Sixth Form students – five of them from the Upper Sixth have already received medical offers. We also welcomed medics from the Sir Robert Woodard Academy in Lancing and BHASVIC in Brighton. The guest list included several current parents working in the medical field, prep school pupils as well some OLs.

Lower Sixth Former Lydia B attended the event and commented:

The evening allowed me to talk with a huge variety of people, from medical students to consultants, who share their experiences of studying and working within the medical field. I really enjoyed the evening and the talks, especially Dr Signy's presentation on the role of interventional cardiology. I was able to discuss the opportunity to do some work experience with them, which I hope will be useful in the future.”

Mary B, also a Lower Sixth Medic, added:

“I found the Medics Dinner incredibly interesting, especially as I could talk to first year medical students, first year foundation doctors, a GP and a doctor who specialises in intensive care and emergency medicine. They all gave a genuine and realistic view of what life is like as a medic and the variety of opportunities available in the field. It was great to hear how a gap year can improve the university application and the vital experience it can give before starting medical school. Dr Mark Signy presented the changes in cardiology and treatment for heart attacks since he began in this speciality, and I found it exciting to see how much medicine has changed and improved, and will continue to as I make my journey to being a doctor.”

Lancing College event in the Megarry Room

Dr Signy's talk at Lancing College

Mrs Webber, Ayn and Genie