Careers in Depth inspires hundreds of Sixth Form Pupils

We are always looking at ways to assist our pupils’ transition from school to life after Lancing, inspiring them as much as possible with a wide range of career options.

As part of the wider ‘My Future’ programme, we aim to provide career information to enable every pupil to establish their career path, select their subjects to study while at school and their options for higher education. 

We introduced our first ‘Careers In Depth’ session for the Sixth Form on 16 November. The five sectors that we focused on at this first session were: 

•       Marketing

•       Law

•       Biosciences

•       Engineering

•       Finance

It was heartening to see so many OLs and parents who were willing to participate on each panel demonstrating to our pupils the breadth and variety of opportunities that are open to them. Hundreds of pupils from the Lower and Upper Sixth Forms listened to the panellists and asked a variety of (sometimes challenging) questions about what was involved in the careers within each sector. 

Alec Rickard (Gibbs’ 2005 – 2010), now Senior Brand Manager for Revlon Inc., generously volunteered to be a member of the Marketing panel. He said: ‘I loved going back to talk to the Sixth Form. Looking back now at 28, I appreciate so much more how crucial it was to get career insights as early as possible. The decisions you make at 17 and 18 aren't final but the earlier you can start to think proactively about maximising your opportunities, the better. I thought it was great how honest the questions were from the pupils which helped us get back to the basics. I was really impressed that a few pupils already had a clear idea of what they wanted to do and why. For me, it’s such a rewarding challenge to give one lasting piece of advice or create one moment of impact that inspires the pupils to take the next step in their own career journeys.’

After the event, a few OLs enjoyed a tour of their old school, including Alex Strupinskaia (Handford 2014-2016) who is pictured here with her Housemistress, Ms Anne McKane.

OL Alex Strupinskaia and Handford Housemistress, Mrs Anne McKane
OL Alex Strupinskaia and Handford Housemistress, Ms Anne McKane

Natacha Skelton, Foundation Manager