Careers Fair gains impressive reviews from speakers and pupils

Lancing held its annual Careers Fair on Saturday 6 November, which is a core part of the first year of the three-year long ‘My Future’ programme. Each year feedback from pupils and speakers helps us ensure the Fair is relevant and engaging, providing pupils with the best insights for the future.

This year’s Fair was the largest yet – 17 sectors were represented by former pupils and parents, including Sustainability, Law, Medicine, Diplomatic and Civil Service, Finance and Audit, Engineering, and Sport. Over the course of the morning, Fifth Form and Lower Sixth Form pupils were given the opportunity to select four interactive sessions to attend. Our speakers, who had prepared presentations, provided pupils with an insight into their own careers, useful entry routes and the key skills that were needed to acquire relevant work experience.

Jonathan Steel (Teme 1988-1993), who represented the Real Estate sector, said: 'It was a pleasure to participate in such a well-structured and organised morning; it was very rewarding to be able to give back to the Foundation and current pupils by providing some careers guidance. I found the students very engaging, interested and particularly keen to explore in more detail what the industry is doing on, and for, sustainability and diversity.'

Pupils have shared what they have enjoyed and learnt from the event:

'I enjoyed being able to hear the honest experiences people had in their careers.'

'I had the opportunity to meet many inspirational people, ask questions and get involved.'

'In the Engineering workshop I learned that studying something is also about the skills you learn - not just the knowledge.’

'I have learnt that it is better to take A Levels that you enjoy and succeed in as opposed to trying to tick boxes and not doing as well: there are many ways in to each industry.'

'It was great to find out more about the many types of law, such as medical and trademark, which I found very interesting.’

'I enjoyed learning about the different areas of work relating to sustainability.'

Commenting on the Fair, Diana Cree, Executive Director External Relations, said:

‘The Fair is an integral part of our My Future programme and our aim at this stage is to encourage our pupils to be curious, explore different options and develop their interests. Feedback from pupils has been extremely positive: results of the survey show a strong appreciation for the high quality of speakers and informative nature of the sessions in particular. Following the Fair, pupils have told us that they have been inspired to enquire further into their options and to plan for work experience opportunities.

It was also a delight to be able to run this event in person this year: we can see how beneficial this has been for pupils and at the same time welcomed by our speakers, who are only too pleased to be at Lancing again.'

Our next careers event will be held on 20 November – Careers in Depth. This session is for Sixth Form pupils and is designed as a next stage to the Careers Fair, where we delve deeper into the following seven sectors – Engineering, Arts & Media, Biosciences, Medicine, Law, Finance and Business Management.

If anyone from the Lancing community is interested in taking part in our careers events by sharing their professional expertise, please contact Natacha Skelton at

Natacha Skelton, Foundation Manager