Charities Term 2017

End of March 2017 and we draw a close to the Lent Term; we’ve just broken the £10,000 barrier and are hoping that there’s a bit more still to come in.

A term where Houses have worked in turns to raise money and awareness for their chosen causes; where cookies, pizza, milkshakes and bake sales have counterbalanced any Lenten fasting; where there have been individual and collective events; old favourites like ‘Spyring’ and new endeavours (running the distance from Land’s End to John O’Groats) and where Mr Oliver has done a mean Paul Hollywood impression in the Lancing Bake Off.

We asked some of the Lower Sixth Charity Reps about their motivation and their particular choices:

MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) is a search and rescue organisation, working across the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, dedicated to saving the lives of migrants, sent off in overcrowded and distressed boats in a desperate attempt to escape the violence and persecution dividing their home countries. They offer immediate assistance and provide food, water, medical evaluations and emergency treatment. Since its launch in 2014, MOAS has saved the lives of over 30,000 people. I chose MOAS as a charity because I feel that they are working in aid of a particularly relevant cause today, and because it’s hands-on, direct work with those in need. I understand that by supporting them we are supporting those who cannot help themselves.

In my opinion, Charities Term at Lancing is an opportunity for students, staff and parents to come together and collectively help those less fortunate than ourselves, and work towards a greater cause outside of our community.
(Sacha T-B)

For this year's Charities Term, Field’s House are supporting Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I chose this charity because I have a very close connection with it after my best friend died from the horrible disease 5 years ago. I want this charity to get as much support as they can to try find a cure. Charities term to me is a time to raise not just money but also awareness, bringing attention to the truly tough situations people all around the world are in and the problems they face. From refugees to cancer patients, all the money we raise is in aid of making the world a better place.
(Amelia L-W)

Head’s House chose Crohn's and Colitis UK as its charity. Crohn's is a serious medical condition for which there is no known cure. There are millions of people who suffer from Crohn's worldwide and they suffer from a range of symptoms that has a massive impact on their daily lives. We chose to join the battle against Crohn's and we hope that the money we have raised will help find a cure to this damaging disease.

One of our charity members suffers from Crohn's. This has made us aware of the impact it can have on people and the difficulties sufferers face. We are very happy to have been given the chance by the school to support this amazing charity and we want to thank everyone for their fantastic support.
(Gus W)

This year Handford House decided to choose She’s the First, a charity dedicated to providing scholarships and funding so girls in low income countries can have an education. A quality education is the key to escaping the cycle of poverty; the girls at Handford truly believe that every girl has a right to an education regardless of socio-economic background or geographic location and are supporting a charity who is working towards making this happen.

Charities Term isn't just about giving money to people in less fortunate situations than ourselves; at the core of Charities Term is a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, not just amongst the charity reps but across the entire school. Everybody at Lancing comes together to take part in enjoyable activities whilst also helping a good cause, driven by a sense of community and a longing to make the world a better place. Furthermore, charity term is about reflecting on and being appreciative of our own good fortune, while at the same time acknowledging the fact that many people in the world are not as lucky as we are and that it is our moral duty to do what we can to alleviate the hardship of others.
(Eunice A)

Gibbs’ House chose the Syrian appeal for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). We learnt that one of the focuses of attacks and bombings by both militaries was hospitals. We must have some rules even in war and attacking those in wheelchairs or having suffered traumatic events of war breaks those rules. As a result people are now fleeing hospitals and dying from treatable conditions. We believe that with the relief kits and medical assistance provided by MSF, survival would be made easier for those who can't access hospitals.

We can be quite isolated on our hill here, so we use charity term to show our support and participation around the world. We support charities that build, supply crucial services, and care for life threatening conditions because this is how we are able to influence the outside world from our hill. The true altruistic capabilities Lancing and its students have are shown in this term.
(Gabriel B P)

Sankey’s House chose to sponsor CHASE Children's Hospice because we wanted to help a smaller charity that we had some personal connection with. The family of one of our girls is closely connected with the hospice, and has been since it was set up. She has seen all the fantastic work they do for the families they care for, taking care of both physical treatment as well as fun activities and experiences for the children.

Charities Term at Lancing is an entrenched tradition that the students are keen to uphold. We are very fortunate to be at this school, and we use this chance to help those less fortunate. The fundraising events are run by the students for the students to appreciate that we must help others if we can. Fundraising doesn't have to be boring, and each year we try to come up with creative ways to raise money for our cause.
(Olivia L)

Here’s to the long continuation of a long Lenten tradition at Lancing of taking something on and of using our collective goodwill and energy from this ‘citadel of privilege’ to make an impact beyond ‘the hill’.